mysterious timeIs it possible to find out about our future lives? And if so, is it a good idea? At my past life talks, people often ask this during question time. So I’ve given it some thought.

Dr.Bruce Goldberg was one of the earliest past life therapists to open the door to future lives. In 1982 he published his book ‘Past Lives, Future Lives’. He says that in this book he uses “Actual case histories of past life regression, along with progressions into future lives, to help explain the laws of karma.”

His case studies present some fascinating glimpses into the future, for example:

underwater city• Glass pyramids that transmute energy from the sun
• Underground and underwater cities
• Noiseless transportation systems
• Greater use of telepathy and other psychic abilities
• Healthier lives and longer life spans
• Interplanetary travel and ET contacts

However, before these wonders can manifest, some of Dr.Goldberg’s subjects said major earth changes will radically reduce the earth’s population.

So it looks like there’s a great future on the way – eventually.

Dr.Chet Snow was another bold pioneer into the realm of future lives. Taking a slightly different approach, he followed in the footsteps of Dr.Helen Wambach. In the 1970s she investigated the validity of past life recall by regressing large numbers of people to specific times in history. Afterwards they filled in detailed questionnaires about what came up for them.

Statistical analysis showed that those reports reflected reality to an astonishing degree. They showed that:

• There was a realistically equal split between male and female lifetimes recalled.
• The social demographics were accurate – i.e. most people said they were poor, with only a few who were better off.
• The kind of diet described was true for the times.
• The utensils and tools they used were also reported correctly.

The advantage of doing mass surveys like this is that it’s more reliable than individual regressions. While those may be perfectly valid, they are difficult to verify in any demonstrable way. However, with many people’s memories about the same era, it’s possible to build up a clear picture of that time.

So Chet Snow decided to use Dr.Wambach’s method to see what he could find out about the future. Between 1980 and 1988, he conducted a series of workshops and seminars in which he used future-life progression to discover “humanity’s hidden, inner vision of our species’ future”.

I can personally vouch for this, as I went to one of those workshops. I liked Chet Snow right away – he comes across as mild-mannered and sincere. He began by explaining what he wanted to do. Then he gave us relaxation suggestions, to prepare for viewing a future life. Afterwards he asked what we’d got, while recording our answers.

There must have been about 40 people at the workshop. Three main types of future lives emerged. They were:

spaceships• Spiritually evolved and aware people, living in a beautiful natural environment.
• Lives in domed cities, with a harsh environment outside.
• Space farers, living among the stars.

I was happy to get a future life as a space farer. Because this was a workshop rather than a private regression, we didn’t go deeply into these experiences, or see much beyond the general conditions.

Dr.Snow didn’t tell us at the time, but I’ve since read in his reports that a fourth type of future life also comes up now and then: people who find themselves living in simple rustic settlements, which are like throwbacks to 19th century conditions.

In the future, these different ways of life may take place:

• At the same time, but in different areas of the Earth.
• At different times in the future.
• On other planets as well as Earth.
• In completely separate timelines or dimensional realities.

Dr.Michael Newton, who has specialised in between-life memories, says that his clients have sometimes seen themselves on a starship, or in domed buildings. They too say that the earth’s population seems to be greatly reduced at some point in the future, due to adverse climatic and atmospheric conditions.

Dr.Snow’s researches also showed that taking place – but with a wonderful recovery blossoming afterwards. He said it seems that from around 2300 onwards, humans will no longer be bound by this solar system or old limiting beliefs. After that, earth people will start to become true citizens of the cosmos.

Hopi Blue Star

All these researchers’ findings dovetail with the prophecies of Arizona’s Hopi people and the Australian Aborigines. Both cultures foresee a massive decline in the world’s population, followed by a great spiritual flowering.

This also reflects ancient Hindu wisdom about the pattern of world cycles, which go through degeneration and destruction before rebirthing into a happier new age.

Perhaps the best point of knowing about this is simply to realise that one day we will all move into the kind of world that we believe in and prepare for.

As we now approach the end of the Age of Pisces, the Mayan 5th Sun and the Hindu Kali Yuga, our world faces a great spiritual crossroads. It’s the key time for everyone to choose the path that they could be on for many lifetimes to come. This may be why so many people have incarnated at this important time. It’s also why spiritually aware people are so focused on revising their beliefs, healing their wounds and clearing their karma from the age that is now passing.ages

So at this important turning point in time, is it a good idea to see your future lives? While it’s certainly possible, I have some reservations about it. I’m happy with the kind of generalised overview of different futures that Chet Snow’s researches have given us. However, I wonder if it’s a good idea to get anything more detailed or specific than that.

We are changing and evolving all the time. The future life we see for ourselves now may be outdated in ten years’ time – no longer our best possibility. Having seen it may somehow tie us to a future that we could have outgrown before we get there. However, as long as we bear that in mind, and if it feels right, a little peek into the future would probably do no harm.

It’s also worth remembering that linear time itself is an illusion. At higher levels of consciousness, I think we see time more as a kind of extended present. We experience linear time in this world to stop things happening all at once. This creates a reality for us that is made up of stories. Our brains seem hard-wired to see life in terms of beginnings and endings, pasts and futures.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Linearmagic-tree-clock time is, in effect, a gift from the gods. It helps us to both cope with and understand our soul journey while here. Nevertheless, it does mean that, as Yoda of Star Wars said, “Always in motion the future is”. The same may also apply to the past.

Chet Snow himself said that the cases he discovered “Need not be considered a rigidly fixed and predetermined future, but the most probable outcome.”

I fully agree with that. I think many people are now following their soul’s inner direction in clearing themselves of leftover stuff from the age that is now ending. After that, it may be best to let our personal future lives evolve without poking around in them too much. In all my years of giving past life regression, no one has ever asked to see a future life. That may be a wise instinct.

It doesn’t mean we can’t daydream, of course. In fact, doing that may be a wonderful way of creating the kind of world we want to live in. In meditation and dreams, I’ve sometimes glimpsed an amazing future for this planet. Because of its great beauty, I’ve seen the earth become a cosmic centre for inter-planetary conferences, holidays, trade, research and healing. If this ever happens, I’m sure it has to be centuries ahead. Until then, I’m happy just to dream about it.

Have you ever found out anything about your future lives? If so, I’d love to hear about it. You can add your comments to this article – or if you’d rather talk more privately, you’re welcome to contact me at any time.


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