This article was first published in Soul & Spirit Magazine.
They asked the questions, and I gave the answers.

Q: Firstly, what are karmic mechanics? And how can they affect your current life?

A: Karma means that the consequences of everything we do will eventually come back to us. This is not to punish, but to teach. Our karma works with us, not against us. Its purpose is to move us towards lives of greater joy and enlightenment.

For example, a young soul may use power in tyrannical ways. In subsequent lifetimes, this oppressor becomes the oppressed to understand how he affected others. Later on, he may decide to stand up for the pearls in shell 2 gglrights of downtrodden people. Many people have done wonderful work in the world because of this kind of karma. It’s like the grit in the oyster shell that produces the pearl.

Although karma is mainly about actions, harshly judgemental attitudes can also have karmic consequences. Someone who is heavily prejudiced against any group of people will one day find themselves reincarnated as part of that group. The purpose of this is to get them to drop their prejudices and learn to accept different kinds of people.

Karma also works to change negative illusions. For example, someone who believes they are worthless may find fate pushing them to do something that will bring a healthier sense of self-worth. Or someone who incarnates with a lot of arrogance from a previous life may inherit the karma of having to live in very humble circumstances.

However, not every difficulty, challenge or limitation in life is the result of ‘bad karma’. There are all kinds of different reasons why souls choose those experiences, so it’s best never to make glib assumptions about them.

Q: What are the signs that you are experiencing a karmic connection with someone? How can we become more aware of these signs?

A: Most of our karmic connections are with the people who are closest to us – family, partners and lifelong friends. When those relationships are happy, it means you’ve had a good history together.

Nearly everyone can think of at least one person who’s always been there for them – always on their side, come what may. This is the sign of a gold star karmic connection.

people joining handsOther good karmic connections are those people who come into your life – perhaps only for a short time – and have a good effect in some way. Of course, you can find yourself doing the same for others. These are also signs of good karmic connections.

On the other hand, long-term problems with someone who’s hard to get away from is a sure sign of a karmic issue that needs to be sorted out.

Q: Why are we drawn to our karmic connections? What purpose do they hold in our lives?

A: Before incarnating, in the between-life worlds, we decide which issues we’re going to deal with in the life to come. We then make soul contracts with the others who will be involved. Once we’re here again, our lives will then inevitably pull us towards those very people.

The best way to handle these fateful relationships is to remember that all our karmic dramas are a journey towards finding real love – i.e. healthy, happy balanced relationships based on mutual acceptance and respect.

This doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to be ‘nice’ all the time. Sometimes karma pushes us into standing up for ourselves, or drawing clear boundaries.

For example, in a previous life an older woman bullied one of my clients very badly. She hadn’t resolved the issue in that life, so in this life the same relationship began to play out. Once she understood that, she realised she had to be brave this time around, and reclaim her self-worth.

Q: Are we always fated to meet with people that we have karmic ties with? Are we destined to meet the same soulmate in each lifetime or would it only occur if there were unresolved issues to solve?

A: It’s more fluid than that. All kinds of karmic connections are constantly weaving in and out of our lives. minuetWe aren’t with the same people in every lifetime, and we don’t always have the same relationship with them. It’s a dance of constantly changing roles and partners.

If two people need to sort out a karmic issue, they can wait for a life that will work for both of them. In each lifetime, we don’t give ourselves more than we can reasonably handle.

Q: Would you be able to give us one example of a karmic situation that you, or one of your clients, have encountered? If it was a negative experience, how was it resolved?

A: During a regression, one of my clients went back to a Native American life. It was when white people Red Indian Silhouettewere starting to take over the land. In that life, she was a warrior. He was very angry with the invaders. But he refused to slip into negativity and victimhood. Instead, he held onto the belief that whatever happened, the gods would always bless his people with lives of abundance and spirituality.

That choice made a huge difference to her in this lifetime. She was born into circumstances that made it easy for her to follow her spiritual path, without any financial problems.

This is how we create good karma for ourselves – by choosing to stay positive, whatever challenges life may throw at us.

Q: Apart from past life work, what other therapies will help with karmic issues?

A: The body often holds onto past life issues. So when you’re sorting out those problems, it helps to have a physical therapy such as reflexology, acupuncture or aromatherapy massage.

Beliefs and attitudes that affect our karma often lodge in our auras and astral bodies. When you’re working on yourself at that level, therapies like Reiki, Shiatsu or sound healing can all help.

Ancient Indian wisdom says that meditation and yoga are excellent ways to reduce bad karma. I’m sure yoga classthat’s also true of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. These practices raise your vibration, which clears away all kinds of negativity.

The best way to find a good therapy for karmic issues is to follow your heart, and pick whichever one feels right for you.

Q: Finally, do you have a particular exercise that you would recommend for cutting negative karmic ties?

The best way to cut negative ties is to forgive the other person for any wrong they may have done you in this or any other life. This will not change them or erase the past – but it will release you from its effects.

Resentment, anger and vengeance create binding karmic ties that guarantee lifetimes of unpleasantness. Forgiveness just means letting go of the whole issue. When you do that, it also lets go of you.

lantern girlThe following three steps will also cut through negative karmic ties:

1. When a problem comes, accept what’s happening as a form of karma – even if you can’t understand why at first.

2. Treat it as a test to see if you’ll choose a positive over a negative reaction.

3. Ask your higher guidance what this has come to show you, and what the lesson is.

Karma is a wise law that works to push us slowly but surely onto more positive, loving and happier paths. With that as your guiding light, your pathways through the world of karma will always be good.


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  2. Fascinating! I enjoyed reading it. As I like to say, the lesson of life is that life is the lesson.

    Please feel free to read some of my thoughts in my blog – I ponder fate, karma, control, vibrations, and reincarnation among a variety of mental musings…..hope you can take a few minutes to read them!

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