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What are angels? In the Bible, the word ‘angel’ simply means a messenger. But over the centuries, it has come to mean much more than that. These days we think of angels as heavenly beings with higher powers which they use in kind and benevolent ways.angel

This beautiful view of angels may have come from people’s personal experiences.

Many people have special memories of what felt like divine intervention in their own or someone else’s life.

A well-educated, elderly woman once told me about her own strange experience. It happened when she was doing voluntary care work. That mostly consisted of taking house-bound people out in her car.

One day she went to pick up a frail old man. As he opened the front door, he began to have a minor heart attack, and started toppling forward onto her. She wasn’t strong enough to support him. They were on the brink of a dangerous tumble down the stone steps which led up to the front door.

Just then a young girl appeared. Stronger than she looked, she swiftly caught the man and gently laid him down to recover. Then, before she could even be thanked, she disappeared as suddenly as she’d arrived.

“Because of the way the place was laid out, it was impossible for her to have suddenly appeared where she did,” said my friend. “Where could she have come from? She didn’t look like an angel. She was wearing a brown dress with yellow flowers on it. But what she did was truly angelic.”

higher beings freespiritPerhaps she was an angel who’d taken on temporary human form. Or she might have been a human who was suddenly able to perform a small miracle.

There are many angels disguised as ordinary people in our world. They incarnate here from the angelic realms partly to follow their own spiritual path – but also to do whatever good work they can along the way.

This work is done without fanfares or publicity. But from the accounts that do come out, it looks like they achieve a lot in their quiet way.

Another woman I know is still baffled by a strange encounter she had with someone she feels must have been an angel in disguise.

“I was stranded in France,” she said. “I’d lost my purse, with all my money and my ferry ticket in it. I didn’t know what to do. I was sitting on the beach, just staring out to sea. Dusk was falling. The place was deserted – except for a gang of bikers. They started eyeing me up and sniggering.

To get away from them, I moved back up to the road, and sat on the little wall there. At that moment, an expensive looking car drew up in front of me. An older, well-heeled looking man asked me if I would like a lift.

I thought this might be out of the frying pan and into the fire. But I decided to take my chances, and accepted his offer. And he turned out to be a perfect gentleman. When he heard of my predicament, he bought me a ferry ticket, and saw me safely onto the boat with enough cash to get home afterwards.

I wrote down his address so that I could thank him, and repay his money. Ben Goossen's photo montageBut although I was sure I’d put it somewhere safely, when I got home I couldn’t find that piece of paper anywhere. That was odd enough – but what’s always puzzled me is how he suddenly appeared at exactly the right moment. I think he must have been an angel in human form.”

Just as angels can become people, people can also become angels. For example, one important job that angels do is to give people messages from the higher realms. According to the countless reports on record, it seems that humans are just as good at doing this.

When they finally leave this life, people often appear in spirit to loved ones who may be far away, to give them a fond message of farewell.

“I thought Uncle Harry had somehow traveled all the way from Florida without telling me,” said one woman. “He looked completely physical, just suddenly standing there in my kitchen. I started to ask how he’d got here, but he said ‘I’ve come to say good-bye sweetheart. I’m all right now. Everything’s going to be fine. I’ll see you again one day.’ And then he just faded away.

A couple of hours later the phone rang. It was my aunt. Uncle Harry had passed away that morning – at exactly the same time I saw him in spirit. We always got on well, so I think he really did come to say good-bye.”

Departed spirits can also drop in later on to provide even more reassurance that although no longer physical, they are alive and well in the higher realms. A friend of mine used to be very close to her grandmother, and was desolate when she died. Then one day a few months later, she noticed the scent of her Gran’s cologne in the room.

“I dismissed it as just a sign of my grieving. And the scent went away,” she said. “But a few weeks later, it came back again. I was worrying about a recent problem – and could smell her cologne in the room again. I felt a strong need to close my eyes. When I did, I saw her vividly with my mind’s eye, as if standing right in front of me. She then gave me exactly the advice I needed. So now whenever I smell her cologne I sit back and wait for her message. And it’s always a good one.”

Although these beautiful messages came from people who’d moved on to the next world, physically living people can also visit others in spirit form, bringing important communications.surprise visit

Author Colin Wilson described a famous case in which the American wife of an 18th century sea-captain was so worried about not hearing from him that she went to a clairvoyant about it. The psychic went into a trance state, during which his spirit left his body in search of the woman’s husband. He found him in a London coffee house, and was able to talk to him. The captain explained why it was difficult to write letters, and said he’d soon be home.

True to his word, he did return soon – and was amazed to hear from his wife that the apparently real person he’d spoken to in the coffee shop had in fact been a spiritual messenger. He was even more amazed when he met the clairvoyant, immediately recognising him as the same person he’d encountered on that day.

Although, like this clairvoyant, some people are better at astral projection than others, it’s actually latent in everyone. We use it on a small scale all the time.

Whenever you find yourself thinking of someone – especially if it’s easy to visualise them – it’s often because they’re thinking of you. Whenever we think of others for more than a moment or two, we automatically send them a etheric thought form.

The next step is to use this potentially angelic power in more conscious and benign ways. If you close your eyes and focus your thoughts on someone, visualising them as clearly as you can, a part of your spirit will always be with them. They may even be aware of you in some way.

With practice, you can then become a powerful sender of positive and uplifting messages. As you do, you’ll be stepping into true angelic work here on earth.

Humans come equipped with all kinds of higher potentials that few bother to realise – but when they do, it’s hard to tell the difference between humans and angels. Pictures of angels usually show them with halos, giant wings and long white robes. But these accessories may be more symbolic than literal – artistic codes for inner light and the ability to fly beyond the physical world. These attributes are just as available to humans. We may not have feathered wings on our backs – but at night, flying to mooneveryone flies free of the body in the dream-time.

Even if they don’t remember it, incarnate earth angels do important work on the astral planes during the night.

I know a few who are, in their different ways, intuitively aware of when someone is approaching their final crossing, and somehow ‘hold the bridge steady’ to make it easier for them. This can include one of the most important jobs that angels do – helping departing spirits make their final move to the higher realms.

Those who’ve had near death experiences often talk about being met by loved ones from the other side. Less well known is that it also happens on this side of the veil. Physically incarnate people are able to leave their bodies to escort departing loved ones part of the way into the next world.

Author Raymond Moody has made a special study of this in his book ‘Glimpses of Eternity’. His case studies describe how, when a loved one dies, the room may fill with a beautiful mystical light, and even seem to change shape.

At those times, it’s as if the veil between this world and the next becomes thinner, in readiness for the person about to make the crossing. A number of people have seen these effects at the same time, so this experience has been corroborated and validated.

One woman said it made her realise that “Most of the stuff that happens in the world happens behind the scenes and all we see is the surface.”

When the spirit of the dying one finally rises up out of their body, someone who’s especially close to them may also leave their body to keep them company.

“I felt myself lift out of my body and join my brother in mid-air!” said one woman. Together they may watch a panorama of scenes from the life now being left behind. Then a passage opens up as a portal to the next world.

A woman who accompanied her husband said they moved through that very quickly. They then found themselves in a beautiful parkland, where the plants glowed with their own inner light.

magical meeting

Walking hand-in-hand, they presently came to a stream that had to be crossed. As it wasn’t her time to leave earthly life, that was the dividing line she could not step over. At that point she had to say au revoir to her husband, and return to the physical world.

Despite the sadness of the occasion, these experiences have a trans-formative effect on anyone who’s touched by them. The first-hand knowledge of what really happens after death brings a deep sense of joy and peace.

The poet Rumi said, “My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.”

With the help of regression, many people can now glimpse the angelic worlds they originally came from.

One of my clients described it as follows: “I’m barefoot, and wearing a long white dress. I’m going towards a beautiful white building. The gate is like the gate to a palace. I go inside. It has very big windows, with beautiful views. I can float a bit.

I go upstairs. There are doors here that I don’t open. I feel that it’s not the time for me to do so. I look outside and see people in the garden. They’re more like angels than humans. I go down to be with them in the garden. We join hands and dance and sing in a circle. It’s a beautiful healing ritual. I can feel it doing me so much good.

I have a very big book that I’m studying while here. It contains higher book of chakrasknowledge in the form of complicated symbols. I remember now that I saw some of those symbols when I was three years old. They came like lights in the sky.

Now I have to cross a bridge. It means taking a physical life. There’s mist everywhere. It feels a bit frightening. I can’t take the book with me. I have to leave it on that side of the bridge. An angel is giving me guidance before I leave. He says I must remember to trust in the angels more – they will always be with me.”

We have all come here from our true home in the higher realms. We return there, not only at the end of each life, but on our many spiritual excursions while still here.

Just like angels, whether in a physical body or not, people can be heavenly messengers, perform divine interventions, and escort departing spirits to the other side. Moreover, everyone has the ‘ordinary’ power to help and bless others’ lives in a myriad different ways.

Anyone who wishes to can be an angel in disguise – and if you wish to, then you probably already are.

Have you ever had any experiences like this? If so, I’d love to hear about them. You can add them to the comments on this article, or if you’d rather be more private you’re always welcome to CONTACT ME.


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