lavender candlesA friend who’s done Spiritual Healing for decades told me about the different levels of training he had. He first had to sense problems through feeling heat in his hands when they hovered over an afflicted area. Next was to see the issues clairvoyantly, with images that came into his mind. Then came learning to feel others’ pains in his own body.

For him, the final step was the toughest: learning to sense people’s problems through a direct inner knowing. He found it so hard to trust that in himself, he nearly gave up altogether. Then came the following experience:

“One evening, when things were a bit slow at the healing sanctuary, I sat next to a man who had been sitting at the edge of the room for most of the evening. He ignored me and carried on inspecting his fingernails.

‘Have you come for healing?’ I asked, thinking that perhaps he was too embarrassed to come forward.

‘Me?’ he laughed, ‘No way. I’m with the missus. She’s come for some. I don’t need it. I think you’re all a load of charlatans. I wouldn’t waste my time with you.’

So I began to chat with him about football. He relaxed, and started discussing the local team. As he talked, I became convinced that he did have a serious physical problem. I said, ‘I know you said there’s nothing wrong with you, but I have a strong feeling that there is.’

He shrugged, ‘Oh, it’s nothing really. I just have no feeling in my right knee.’  He pinched it hard. ‘See, it’s dead. Don’t feel a thing. Not felt anything there for ages.’

hands3‘Okay’, I said, ‘I’ll tell you what I’ll do, but just say so if you object. I’ll put my fingers together like this.’ I showed him my fingers formed into a small circle, the tips touching each other. ‘I’ll put them close to your knee. I won’t even touch you, and we’ll carry on talking about football.’

 After we’d carried on chatting for a few minutes, I suddenly had a clear realisation.

‘You know, the problem you have is not with your knee. It originates in your hip. So I’m just going to shift my hand up to your hip.’

‘That’s funny,’ he said, ‘I went to the hospital today and they said just that. The problem is in the hip.’

I didn’t say so, but I also knew that the problem came from stress he’d been through about his son.

Shortly after this, his wife returned to him, ready to leave. He pinched his knee again and said, ‘See. It’s still dead. You’re all charlatans.’  He took his wife by the hand and marched out.

I thought that would be the last we’d hear of him – but next morning he phoned us. ‘This morning, when I woke, I pinched my knee and, for the first time for years, it hurt! I’ve got feeling back in my knee!’

This was not only a turning point for the skeptical man – it was also a big moment for my friend. It gave him the confirmation he needed that his healing skills were real, and he was on the right path.  

Experiences like this are more common than people think. If you’d like to share your own, you’re welcome to contact me at: www.pastlivesglastonbury.co.uk

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One of our biggest questions is, ‘what is the purpose of my life?’ Just asking that can labyrinthhelp – but the answers may not arrive in a neat little package. If we’re destined to move onto a particular path, it usually unfolds in its own way and at the right time in our lives. However, that way may be unexpected, and sometimes even difficult.

This is because the purpose we choose before incarnating is never solely about helping others or the world in some way. It will also involve healing or overcoming whatever personal issue we’ve chosen to sort out in this life. That is why answers to the question ‘what is my purpose’ sometimes only become clear after emerging from a life-changing experience. 

The famous mystical author Dion Fortune went through a gruelling initiation onto her destined path. Still under her birth name of Violet Firth, she began her working life as a teacher in a small school that was dominated by the headmistress from hell.

This person’s unjust and arrogant ways enraged the young woman. Those who knew the danger warned her to avoid confrontation, and instead to just quietly leave the school. Ignoring this, she marched into the head’s office and spoke her mind about everything that had been going on.

B_DionShe had unwittingly walked straight into a trap. The head teacher hypnotically brainwashed her for hours with monotonously repeated statements about how inadequate and inferior she was. The attack was successful. Violet’s spirit was crushed, and it took her a few years to recover.

In the process, however, she began to study psychology and the occult powers of the mind. Under her new name of Dion Fortune, she spent the rest of her life teaching those subjects, and became the renowned author we know today.  

Dr.Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy and the Steiner schools, began life in a poor Austrian family. One day in his childhood, he was sitting in a station waiting room. A woman came in who looked a bit like his parents. She stood in the middle of the room, made some strange gestures, and said, “try to help me if you can – now and later on”. Then she walked through the ancient stove and disappeared.

Little Rudolf didn’t tell his parents about this because they were Catholic, and he RS bookfeared their reaction. Over the next few days, however, he noticed that his father seemed sad. He later found out that a female relative had committed suicide at exactly the time her spirit contacted him in the waiting room.

That was how Dr.Steiner’s spiritual path began. In his lectures, he often mentioned this incident, saying from that time on a soul life began to develop in him. It was the start of his future role as one of the most influential spiritual leaders of the early twentieth century.

In the 1970s, Dr.Helen Wambach did groundbreaking research work that contributed hugely to the understanding of past lives. Her discoveries, statistics and analyses proved reincarnation as near as possible outside a laboratory. Those achievements may never have happened without the following strange experience, which took place before she had any idea of past lives.

Browsing through the library of a Quaker memorial, she felt drawn to one of the books. She had a strong feeling that it was ‘hers’ in some way. As she paged through it, a vivid past life memory came up. She was male, riding a mule in the countryside. The day was hot, and his rough clothes were uncomfortable – but his whole attention was focused on the book propped up on his saddle. It was about a priest describing the other worlds he’d gone to while in a coma.

olde bookeAs she turned the pages of the book in her hand in the present, she had the strange experience of knowing exactly what was on each following page before she’d reached it. She realised she was having a vivid past-life flashback. After that – and for the rest of her life – she immersed herself in past-life studies, publishing books and becoming an important influence in that field.   

In more recent times, the American therapist Denise Linn had a tough initiation to push her onto her path. When she was 17, a motorist knocked her off her scooter, shot her and left her for dead. While in a coma with horrific injuries, she had a near-death experience. Her guides said this was not her time to die as she still had work to do.

Before that experience, she had no interest in any kind of spirituality. In the years that followed, she blossomed into an internationally successful healer, author and past life therapist.  

A friend told me about the watershed experience that set him on his path as a spiritual healer. In 1963, his wife had a minor accident in their car. Worried about the cost of the repairs, he went to the garage to ask for extra time to pay. Here is his account of what then happened.

“Eric, the garage manager, brushed aside my concerns and said, ‘I want to talk to you about spiritual healing.’ I sat down uncomfortably, not knowing how to react. I didn’t know whether he was joking, taking the mickey or playing a cruel game, talking to me about something I’d never heard of and had no interest in. ‘Blah, blah, blah, spiritual blah, blah, love of God blah, blah, spirit doctors blah, blah.’ He was using words and concepts I had never heard before.x healing the world

I was wondering how long this could go on when he said, ‘don’t worry, for the moment, about paying. I know I can trust you. I will be seeing you soon, I know.’

That might have been that – except my wife had a rare blood disease. Complications after the car accident got worse, and she went into a coma. The hospital said they didn’t expect her to last the weekend. In desperation, I went back to the garage to ask about spiritual healing. Eric told me to contact Harry Edwards, as he was the top distance spiritual healer.   

That evening in desperation, I wrote to him about my wife. I posted the letter on the Saturday morning and spent the weekend in an agony of despair.

On Monday morning when I went in to see her, she was still in her coma. But of course, Harry Edwards had only received my letter that morning. I found out later reiki energythat he didn’t start working on her until the Monday evening.

On Tuesday morning, as I approached the ward where my wife was, I saw the specialist in the corridor.

‘I can’t understand it,’ he said to me, ‘she’s sitting up, having soup, laughing and telling jokes.’ He walked away shaking his head.         

From then on, she began a long slow period of recovery. It was clear to me that spiritual healing was the only thing that had saved her. That was the start of my future path as a spiritual healer.”

Fortunately, not everyone has to go through such difficult initiations. Sometimes just reading one book can turn a life around. For many people, the path unfolds magical path booksslowly, like a flower opening one petal at a time. Over the years, there may be several big turning points, and many more minor epiphanies. That’s how it was for me, and still is.

If you’re ever in doubt about which way to go, your enthusiasms are your best guide. When a subject, course or activity feels exciting, it’s like a big signpost saying, “This is it!” That’s what Joseph Campbell meant when he said, “Follow your bliss, and doors will open to you”.

Goethe said, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it”. If a path doesn’t seem to be opening up for you, look at your deepest passions and find your purpose there. Life will then meet you half way. That’s when all the wonderful synchronicities and opportunities will really start to happen.    


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The body is like a book: it’s full of secrets about our past lives.secret book

This is because we have a spirit body that goes from one lifetime to the next. All our experiences affect our spirit body, with the biggest experiences having the greatest effect.

Then, when we take on a new life, our spirit body imprints those effects into our new physical body.

Those effects can be highly positive. For example, good posture can come from a past life in the military or as a ballerina. One of my clients had a good voice for public speaking. We found that it came from an earlier life of happily singing in a choir. Edgar Cayce, the famous psychic, once told a woman she had beautiful hands because of a previous life spent in devoted spiritual service.

Because the body holds so many of our past-life memories, physical therapies, such as massage, can sometimes wake them up. A woman I know used to have a migraine problem. She went for an Indian head massage because she sensed that it would somehow help. It did help – but not in the way she expected.

During the treatment, a vivid memory came up of a previous life. In a fit of anger, her husband had killed her by hitting her over the head with a crowbar. That was the inner cause of her migraines. It also explained why she’d never wanted to be married in this life.

So many issues have past-life causes that it’s always worth looking at the past life element of any physical problem. The most common physical effects from past lives are chronic ailments, disabilities, skin and weight problems.

Dr.Edith Fiore found that practically all her patients who were overweight by more than ten pounds had been through a lifetime when they either starved to decarrying waterath or suffered long periods of food deprivation.

Because of past-life shortages, many people have a deep-down fear that their food supplies will suddenly disappear again. Because of this, they feel unconsciously driven to make the most of the times of plenty while they can.

Media and health-care pundits often wring their hands about the ‘obesity problem’ in the western world. I’m convinced it would help if they understood that in many cases, the root cause of this is not greed, but past-life deprivation.

Food issues can work the opposite way around as well. One of my clients told me that she’d been anorexic in her teens. As an adult, she still had problems about eating enough.

In her regression, she discovered the cause of this. She was punishing herself for having been a fat man. At the end of that life, he was horrified to realise that he’d lived well while beggars at his gate were starving. Once she understood that, she knew it was finally time to stop unconsciously punishing herself for it.

People are coming forward now with memories of their experiences in Nazi concentration camps. The starvation they went through there can create eating problems in a later life, such as anorexia and bulimia.

Just living in times when resources were scarce can leave its mark. This takes the form of an unconscious but strong belief that ‘there’s never enough’ or ‘I must eat as little as possible to make things last’ or ‘I must eat as much as possible while I can’. Because they went so deep, these beliefs continue to be an influence in subsequent lives, causing all kinds of eating disorders and issues around food.

A traumatic past life experience with fire is one of the biggest reasons for skin problems in this life, such as eczema or psoriasis.

One of my clients had suffered psoriasis on her arms all her life. In her regression, she found that in a past life she’d reached through the window of a burning house to try to save her baby.

Her arms had caught fire, and she hadn’t been able to save the child. That terrible memory had literally burnt itself into her psyche. Once she knew where it had come from, the psoriasis on her arms began to fade away.

birthmark 2

Professor Ian Stevenson’s researches found that many birthmarks are in fact death marks. They look like the scars left by the deathblow that ended the person’s previous life.

He found that the shape, position and colour of the birthmarks looked exactly like the marks that bullets, hammers, knives or strangling wires would have made.

When you know how to decode birthmarks, it’s fairly clear to see what kind of past life event could have caused them.

So many phobias come from terrors held in the body because of a past life physical trauma. Fear of water, fire, spiders, snakes, crowds or heights are the most common. Unexpected, completely individual, issues can also pop up now and then.

One of my clients used to be terrified of moths. Moths had never harmmoth1ed her of course. But in her regression, she discovered that in a previous life, while dying in great pain, she was gazing at a moth. Therefore, moths meant pain and death to her. Once she understood how she’d made that association, her fear crumbled away. Eventually she could even let a moth sit on her hand.

Little aversions can be big clues. Do you hate tight necklines or anything round your throat? It’s a sign that you might have been hanged or strangled in a past life.

Likes and dislikes about food can also be good clues. Someone I know who loves North African food found out that she once had a very happy past life there. A man once told me that he loves stew because it reminds him of a simple but contented past life he had in a cottage in the woods.

boundfeet1One of my clients told me that she loves to go barefoot as much as possible. In her regression she found that in a Chinese past life her feet had been bound.

It was once a tradition in China to bind girl babies’ feet to keep them tiny for the rest of their lives. They could never walk properly of course, but that was supposed to be a sign of great beauty.

After that experience, she was determined to savor the joy of being able to feel the earth with healthy feet again.

These do not necessarily come from bad karma. People often have them for good reasons – such as healing a personal imbalance. For example, someone who relied a lot on physical strength in their past lives might choose a sickly life to develop their inner powers. Another might have a life of disability to learn how to receive love and help from others.

Edgar Cayce said that a woman who came to him had been born disfigured because she’d persecuted others during a life in Imperial Rome. However, she’d made a lot of inner progress since then, and this was her last bit of karma around that. All she needed to do was accept it, and after this life she’d start incarnating on higher planes.

Whatever the reason, disabilities are always there to help the person’s inner spirit to grow or heal in some way.

A good way to understand, and ultimately heal, any physical problem is to see how it relates to the symbology of the body.

Long before problems show up in our physical bodies, they can be traced in the aura chakraman-purpleand the chakras. This means that many of our physical problems have an inner cause that could have been building up for lifetimes.

Traumas then come to those particular areas because there was an inner imbalance or emotional problem there to start with. For example, past-life suffocation often causes asthma in later lives. But before the physical suffocation took place, there might have been another, more subtle, kind of suffocation going on.

When the person then reincarnates with an asthma problem, it’s as if the body is prompting them to deal with the more long-term emotional issue. The physical problem focuses attention there in order to bring about a necessary deeper healing.

While any area of the body may carry the effects of past life physical wounds, there is often also a psychological / spiritual / emotional side to the problem. Addressing that can bring surprising improvements to the physical effects.

Here is a quick overview of the symbology of the body. This is just a general guide, not a one-size-fits-all, because everyone’s past life effects are always completely individual.

HEAD: Mental pressures; connection with higher consciousness.

FACE: Self-image; relating to other people, and the world ‘out there’.

EYES: Vision in all senses of the word.

EARS: The ability to listen and to hear in every way.

NOSE: The ability to detect subtle influences; to ‘smell a rat’.

TEETH: Boundaries; defences; use of words.

NECK & THROAT: Communication; speaking out.

SHOULDERS: Responsibilities; burdens.

BACK: Unconscious issues; burdens; punishments.

BACKBONE: Inner strength.

BONES: Deeply held beliefs; the inner foundation.

ARMS: Ability to take action.

HANDS: Creativity; responsibility; connection with others.

CHEST: Ability to give and receive joy, love and appreciation.

BREATHING: Ability to receive inspiration; to let go of whatever needs to be released.

LIVER, KIDNEYS, PANCREAS: Ability to process and clear negativity.

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Ability to absorb goodness from experiences; difficulties created by emotional blocks around receiving or being present.

SKIN: Boundaries; relationship with others and the outer world.

REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS: Creativity; life force; survival; family life.

LEGS: Direction in life; ability to move forward on your path

KNEES: Flexibility; adaptability; humility.

FEET: Relationship with physical reality, and the current life.


1. Bodywork such as massage. This relieves both physical and emotional pain, especially when focused on the neck, back, feet and head.body-work

2. Deep breathing. See the in-breath cleansing the body of all past issues; use each out-breath to release and let go of old wounds.

3. The use of healing magnets to draw old emotional pain out of the body.

4. Acupuncture or acupressure to clear the inner meridians. Long-standing emotional issues clog these up. The blockages then create health problems. sound-healing-bowls

5. Chakra healing and clearing exercises and meditations.

6. Use of sound healing such as gongs and rattles to clear the aura.

7. Awareness. The more conscious we are about the inner cause of any problem, the easier it is to resolve it.


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dianaAs a past life therapist I’ve noticed a trend developing in recent years: the healing of past life wounds to the feminine side of our nature.

This applies to men as well as women. Because we experience both male and female lives, men also have wounds to their yin side. However, while some men do become aware of this, it’s more usual for this kind of issue to come up for healing during a female life.

Women now have freedoms which they haven’t had for centuries. New doors are opening that were always firmly shut before.

Despite this, many feel that an invisible chain is still somehow holding them back. That chain often turns out to be an experience in a former lifetime, which attacked or oppressed their female nature.

The good news is these wounds can be healed. Just unearthing those memories from the subconscious removes the power they once had over us. While it’s still unconscious, a negative memory will constantly whisper fearful messages to us. This influences our choices and decisions in ways that are difficult to trace at the time. As Professor Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”.

This may be what the story of Rumpelstiltskin was really about. Many mythology and fairy tales are now turning out to have deeper meanings, which we’re only just beginning to rediscover. In the tale of mad wizardRumpelstiltskin, when people didn’t know his name he had power over them. But as soon as they guessed his name, he lost that power. I think this stands for the control our subconscious fears have over us until we identify them.

Facing these issues brings all kinds of positive changes in how people feel about themselves; their whole approach to life; and ultimately, the kind of future that then becomes available to them.

When a significant number of people transform themselves like this, it resonates through the mass psyche like a gong. As a result, the inner pathways that individuals have forged remain there for others to use more easily. Hopefully this will eventually heal the wounds to the divine feminine for everyone. When that happens, this kind of personal problem will then fade into history.

In the meantime however, there is still work to be done. Some common themes have emerged, which often interweave together in a past life memory. They are:

~~Running away from oppression~~
~~Problems about speaking out~~
~~Gynaecological problems~~
~~Fears about reclaiming old powers~~

Hilary had insomnia for years. Nothing she tried made any difference. She was also kept awake by ‘restless legs’ – a creeping feeling in the legs that’s only relieved by constantly moving them.

Her regression took her back to the middle ages. She was running away from an arranged marriage with a man she heartily disliked. For the rest of that life she had to keep moving on, forever looking over her shoulder.

Unconscious memories often lodge in the body. While she remained unaware of it, Hilary’s legs expressed her desperation to keep running. Once she understood those fears, they lost their power over her. From that day on, her insomnia and restless legs disappeared. She said it made the most wonderful difference to her life.

(NB: Like all the names of my clients in this article, ‘Hilary’ is a pseudonym.)

maiden in forestWomen have fled from more than just oppressive marriages. Penny recalled a life many hundreds of years ago, when she escaped from a sheltered spiritual community. It was Christian in a mystical way, run by a charismatic male guru figure. After a while, she realised how much he was draining personal power from her and the other women there.

One day she made a big decision. She changed her distinctive robes for ordinary clothes and quietly slipped away. She sensed that the man in charge knew what she was doing – he had that much psychic power.

Eventually she found a place of refuge. But she never felt completely safe. She was always aware of male energy from the first centre circling around her, watching for a chance to get her back.

After the regression, Penny said she now understood why she’d spent this life always moving on. A pattern of constantly moving from one place to another is often a sign of past life fear of pursuit. It takes courage to stop, turn and face the fear that seems to stalk us. But when we do, that fear withers away.

Many women today struggle with a throat chakra that has shut down because of all the lives when they had to keep quiet. Maddie recalled a life in Victorian England. She was 18 years old, and married to a man she feared. She said she was ‘just someone who has to keep quiet all the time’.

It all came to a head when one day he put her into a carriage to send her somewhere she did not want to go. It was too difficult for her to recall what that place would have been. With her back to the wall, she finally spoke up. She ordered the carriage to head as fast as possible to her parents’ home. They received her warmly, and she felt safe again.

After a while she found another, more loving man. But in the end, her husband tracked her down – and strangled her. After the regression, Maddie said she could see where her strange fear of speaking out had come from.

This theme of women experiencing a stranglehold on their voices – sometimes literally – runs through many of the past life experiences that are now coming up for healing. While everyone’s experiences are unique, the effect is much the same for all – feeling unconfident, even fearful, about speaking out in any way. Often this issue comes up because that is the very thing they need to do to move ahead on their path.

For example, Jayne had a lifelong terror of talking in public. She had a talent for teaching, and longed to make that her career. But this fear made it difficult for her even to consider it.

In her regression, she went back to a time when she was about twelve years old. She was facing a jeering, hostile crowd that was accusing her of witchcraft. She had no idea what they were on about. When she tried to explain her innocence, that only made it worse.

This experience created a fear of crowds – especially if she had to talk to them. Once she realised where that had come from, she was able to shake it off. I believe she’s now happily following her calling to be a teacher.

The different parts of our bodies symbolise aspects of our psyche. Past life wounds to the feminine side of our nature are therefore often held in the female parts. This can manifest in a wide variety of problems, from difficult periods to breast cancer.

For example, Jenny told me that her doctor was advising her to have ‘pre-cancerous’ cells surgically cut from her uterus. She felt sure this would repeat a past life cutting in that area – and therefore not be for her highest good. We discussed the whole issue, including the possibility that if she intends it, the operation might heal what happened in the past. When she left, she was still thinking about what decision to make.

An even more graphic example came from Terri, who came to see me quite recently. She explained that she had a semi-cancerous condition in her vagina – part of which had been surgically removed. Although this malaise was dormant most of the time, the doctors told her it would always be there in the background and could flare up at any time.

water-jar-in-sand-stormTerri came for past life therapy as part of her wide search to cure this. In her regression, she went back to a barren, desolate place of mud huts. In that life, she was an African girl of about eight years old. She could hear other girls screaming, and felt afraid.

Then a scrawny old woman came after her. She bundled the child under her arm and took her, kicking and screaming, to the place of fear.

In that hut, Terri said she saw blood on the floor. One dirty cloth was used for everything. Then she remembered great pain, and her body going into deep shock.

She had undergone female genital mutilation – and died of the side effects not long afterwards. Because she never recovered from the trauma in that life, the effect on her psyche was magnified. The memory was still so strong that her body was finding ways to replicate it with the cancerous condition.

In the second part of the regression, when she communicated with a spirit guide, Terri learned that this experience had been part of her soul contract. At first, this appalled her. How could she have agreed to go through something like that? Her guide showed her how it would now bring her great inner strength and a flowering of consciousness that would otherwise have taken many more lifetimes. By the end of the session, she was feeling happy and positive about both the past and the future.

At a very deep level within the mass psyche, the cutting away of female parts is a symbolic expression of humankind’s fear of its female side. This could partly come from racial memories of much earlier times when matriarchal societies could also be brutal and unjust. Hopefully the inner work that so many are now doing will eventually help to heal these underlying issues.

I think all women have the innate gift of some form of intuitive, psychic or healing power. In the recent patriarchal age, those abilities were so persecuted they had to go underground. Most women decided it was safer to forget about all that and taught their daughters to do the same. It looks like the wheel is now turning, as many women are now starting to reclaim their natural abilities. This doesn’t happen easily however, as old fears still get in the way.

History tells us about the burning of the witches. However, this was only one way in which female powers were victimised. So-called friends and neighbours could be just as oppressive.

auld witchGerrie recalled that in a former life as an old widow, the only way to support herself was to make herbal remedies. She’d developed them to keep her children well while they were growing up. So her potions worked, and many people came to her for them.

Despite that, others in her village hated what she was doing. They made that clear by treating her like an outcast. When she went out, they’d spit and throw things at her.

Another of my clients in a similar situation said that when she tried to sell her remedies at a fair, other women came and trampled all her precious oils into the ground.

These experiences can be deeply disheartening, creating fears that stay with us for lifetimes. Now, when those women try to do the work they love and believe in, an old fear blocks their way like a fierce guard. Understanding the fear is like finding the magic password, which gets the guard to step aside.

However dark the world may be at times, there are always little patches where women have been able to walk a sunlit path, left alone by oppressive forces. Many recall past lives when they could safely use their higher abilities to help others, such as:

• The priestesses of Ancient Egypt. That civilisation lasted so long – at least 3,000 years – that it’s not Egypt Priestesssurprising many of us had past lives there. In those days, women enjoyed more equal rights than they ever saw again until recent times. People who remember their Egyptian priestess lives all say they had a spiritual authority that was respected by all.

• As healers in small communities which accepted and supported them. This kind of life flowered most often in the tribal societies of North and South America. However, it could also take place in many other times and places – even tucked away in quiet corners of the medieval world.

• As visionaries and seers. These lives were mostly in the ancient world before the rise of Roman power. In those days, it was still acceptable for the Mystery Schools to initiate women for training in the use of their psychic abilities.

• In Atlantean times. The great civilisations that came before our recorded history were more advanced than anything we have seen since. This included the status of women and the kind of abilities they had. Those worlds had a highly developed knowledge of things we are only just beginning to rediscover – such as the many uses of crystals, levitation, sonics and conscious astral travel.

No past life ability is ever lost. It’s easy to re-learn old skills, because we never really forget them. These memories also remind us of the safe and happy lives when women used powers long since forbidden to them. Recalling these times shows us how that way of life was once possible – and therefore could be again.

Another hidden but positive influence are the powerful soul groups that have been incarnating here for the last hundred years.

Around the beginning of the 20th century, a warlock called George Pickingill received an important message from the inner planes. He learned that in the years to come, a large group of priestesses from Ancient Greece would incarnate in England.

Their purpose was to promote female empowerment, starting with the esoteric societies. Pickingill’s job was to change the balance of that male-dominated world. He set to work re-drafting many of the old magical rituals and practices to bring in more sexual equality.

In his time, he was greatly influential in occult circles – so the changes he set in motion went ahead. This created a strong foundation for the future of women’s empowerment in the world of mysticism and magic.

In 1951, the British Government finally repealed the Witchcraft Act. After centuries, it was no longer illegal to be a witch. A few years later, Gerald Gardner published his best-selling book Witchcraft Today. This persuaded the public that witchcraft was a force for good – a positive way of working with the natural powers of earth and the seasons. Because of these gradual developments, it is now much safer for women to reclaim their higher powers.

balanceOther soul groups have also incarnated with this kind of clear purpose. In the 1920s, the seer Edgar Cayce said that in the second half of the twentieth century, many Atlanteans would reincarnate in America. They would come with the purpose of bringing ancient higher technology back to the world; and to fight for sexual and racial equality. Looking back on the civil rights and hippie movements, it looks like Cayce’s prophecy came true.

Groups no doubt still continue to incarnate together. They bring the power of their intent with the strength that comes from a united group. Even if they are scattered through the world, they meet on the other planes through meditation or dreams.

In the past, local groups sometimes formed because of these inner connections. They usually had to be secret – or at least highly exclusive – because the majority of people around them would not understand.

Fortunately, the worst of those times are now past. Perhaps thanks to that Atlantean technology we now have many new ways to connect with our soul groups. The internet makes it easy to find others of our tribe. Conferences, workshops and talks are another modern way to meet with like-minded people.

I feel confident that both individuals and groups are making huge progress healing old wounds to the yin side of human consciousness. Ultimately, this will restore the divine feminine archetype – the goddess – to full health and power again. When that happens, the world will be a softer, saner and happier place for everyone – whatever their gender may be.

I’d love to hear about your own experiences on this path. You’re welcome to either add your comments to this article, or if you’d prefer to talk more privately, just contact me – I’m always happy to hear from you.

This article was first published in THE GODDESS PAGES


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I’m delighted to present this guest blog by Faith, about an amazing healing experience that took her completely by surprise.gate 2 by Thomas Kincade

A friend had to drag her along to an evening of clairvoyance, because she’s always been skeptical about that kind of thing. But after her mind-blowing experience there, she now has no doubt that loved ones who’ve passed to the other side really can – and do – give us accurate, helpful and loving messages with the power to heal old wounds of fear and doubt. And now read on….


When I moved to Glastonbury, I was warned to expect emotional ‘stuff’ to come up, that I would be obliged to address it and challenged to heal. Eek! But I had moved here inviting growth. Still, I’ve been astonished by one way that healing has happened.

For decades I had carried pain and anger about feeling abandoned by my beloved mother, who died when I was ten. Her loss seemed to have defined my life.

On the anniversary of her death this year, a friend asked me to go along to a clairvoyance meeting in Glastonbury – my first. I had always been skeptical and resistant, but as I heard loving messages being given to others, I relaxed and silently invited contact.

The next message was for me, said the medium, from my rather hesitant and tentative mother, who just wanted to say ‘I’m very proud of my girl.’ Through him, she referred to events and names from my childhood and a car accident of some thirty years ago with a  warning not to drive so fast – and not to be so driven in my life.

“Thermother and babye’s always tomorrow, relax and let life feel good, like on our holidays in Devon.” She also said she had been healing a recent problem with my leg.

I went home, found a photo of her as a smiling young woman and put it on display. Every time I look at it, I feel joy and peace, an exchange of her proud caring and my forgiveness and gratitude. She is with me now – clearly always has been – and my heart feels light. I have my mother back.

A month later I went again to the clairvoyance evening and a different medium approached me. She talked without asking me a single question. “There’s a lovely man here bringing a bunch of roses for you, his wife. He’s a proud and normally very private man, but he’s bathing you in so much love.”

My husband Al passed away with cancer seven years ago. From diagnosis to death had been a loving but dramatic and emotional journey for us both, as we tried to cope in our own different ways. His loss was devastating.

“He says that going to the spirit world was a big shock at first” continued the medium, “ because he had been skeptical about life after death and was surprised that souls in spirit can communicate with people in body.

“He wants to thank you for your care and complete devotion to him during his illness. Never be in any doubt that you did everything you could in an exemplary way. You couldn’t have done any more.

“He’s sorry for making everything so much harder for you than it needed to be. He should have taken more responsibility for his health, gone to the doctor when he first knew something was wrong. He knew for a few months that his death was likely and says he should have spoken out and made some arrangements.

“He watches over you and knows that when he died a large part of you died too. But he had to go, it was right for him. He wants you to walk out of here feeling lighter and more free.”

soul matesThe message had included specific dates, times and references that no medium could have guessed and I could feel my husband close. Finally I released the final vestiges of uncertainty and guilt and I am indeed light and free.

Both burdens of loss have now slid from my shoulders and I’m left with the certain reassurance that love between souls never dies, it just transforms into a different mode of togetherness.

~ Faith ~


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Did you know that your own dreams have the power to heal? And you can tap into that power simply by asking for a dream to help you.

ImageI proved that to myself some years ago. I had an annoying sty on my eye. It was painful, and nothing was shifting it. So as a last resort, I called on my inner spirit to send me a dream to heal it. This is the dream I had that night:

I was walking along a city street. An old friend of mine appeared, and asked why I was wearing dark glasses. I said it was to hide this awful sty – and took them off to show him. He peered at my eyes and said ‘But there’s no sty!’ I looked at my reflection in a plate-glass window – and saw that he was right. The sty had gone!

Next morning it was almost completely dried up. A day later it had disappeared. I just knew that the dream I’d had in response to my plea had somehow cured it.

Dreams can also heal more deep-seated problems than that. Chronic asthma had troubled a friend of mine for most of his life. He’d tried everything to cure it, but to little effect. So he was happy to try asking for a dream that might help.

He dreamed of being back in a medieval castle. As he lay sleeping in bed, someone crept into his room and began to smother him with a pillow. He said he vividly recalled the panic he felt at not being able to breathe.

Then, suddenly, he decided to fight back. He kicked his assailant, making him lose his grip for a few precious moments, and was able to gasp in huge breaths of air. In the dream, the air made him grow bigger and stronger with every breath. His attacker took fright at that and ran away. He said he had a wonderful feeling that he’d now grown beyond being smothered in any way – either physically or emotionally.

In the weeks that followed he said his asthma reduced so much it was hardly noticeable any more. When I next saw him, I asked how that was going. He said jokingly ‘What asthma? Never heard of it!’

Dreams can even heal a broken heart. A woman I know was desperately sad after losing the man she thought was the love of her life. Nothing was helping her to get over it. She agreed to try asking for a dream to help without having much faith that it would work.

ImageA dream soon came to her in which she was standing facing her lost love. They were in a large formal garden, standing near to a maze. He had two gifts that he could give her. One was a Valentine-type box of chocolates, in the shape of a red heart. That was the gift she wanted. The other was just a plain box. That was the one he gave her.

She was so disappointed she wasn’t even going to open it – but he told her she’d be pleased if she did. So with some difficulty, she opened that box. Inside was a beautiful crystal talisman. It was in the shape of a heart. She said she realised right away that it made the Valentine heart look cheap and tacky in comparison.

She held the talisman to her heart and could feel it giving her strength, and connecting her with the wisdom of the higher heart. She knew it was a greater gift than the chocolate box could ever have been. This was the result of a soul contract they’d decided between them in the between-life worlds. Soul mates aren’t always romantic partners – but they will always be faithful to the higher bond between you.

Next day she said that although she still felt sad, at a deep level she understood why things had turned out the way they did. After that, her pain faded more quickly than she expected.

Dreams heal holistically, working at the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels all at the same time. This is why they are so effective. The Ancient Egyptians knew this, and regularly used the power of dreams to cure a wide range of issues.

ImageJust as they did, you can ask for a dream to help you with any problem in your life. This is called ‘incubating a dream’ – but I think ‘asking for a dream’ is a better way to describe it.

The dreams you get in reply don’t have to be lucid. They are just as effective if you recall them like any other dream. When you’ve asked for one, keep a notepad by your bed and write your dreams down while you still remember them.

This is a wonderful resource – and it’s freely available to everyone. Everyone I know who tried this said it not only helped them solve a problem; it also set them off on an exciting new journey of discovery. May it be so for you as well.

I’d be delighted to hear from anyone who’d like to share their healing dream experiences.


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When you’re at home, with soft music playing and perhaps the scent of incense in the air, it’s easy to relax. But what about when you’re waiting to see the dentist? Or in a long slow queue when you need to be elsewhere? Or if you’re about to face a tough interview? Those are the times when we most need to relax. But in the outside world we can’t very well take up the lotus position and start doing yoga breathing. So most of us just grit our teeth and carry on fretting.

ImageOf course, wise people say the journey is the destination, and the interruption is the journey. But in some situations, those thoughts aren’t very consoling. So here are some quick and easy techniques that you can use to help you feel calmer and more relaxed when you need it most.

They are all things that you can safely do in the outside world and no-one around you will have any idea what you’re doing. But they may also start to feel better because of the good vibes that you’ll be generating around you.

1. Relax all the muscles in your hands, face and shoulders. It’s amazing how much tension we hold in those places, and how much it helps to let it go.

2. Find something pleasant to look at, and then focus on it. This could be a tree, a pot plant, the sky, a picture – even your own shoes if you like them!

3. Focus on feeling the floor or the ground under your feet.

4. Focus on everywhere your body is touching whatever you’re sitting or lying on.

5. Breathe in a slow, regular rhythm down to the bottom of your stomach. Let your abdomen gently rise and fall with each breath.

6. Listen to the sound of your breath.

7. Focus on simply listening to all the sounds around you.

If, after all that, you still can’t stop your mind worrying, get it to focus instead on:

A: Make a mental list of all the best things that have taken place recently. Include the smallest things because they’re also important – an enjoyable meal, for example.

B: Count your blessings – everything in your life that you’re glad of, from the biggest to the tiniest.

These are quick but powerful relaxation techniques that you can use anytime and anywhere. They’ll help you to relax in all kinds of stressful situations. And when you want to meditate or sleep, they can help you with that as well.

They’re simple, easy and don’t cost a bean. And they’ll make a big difference to your life!


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