DreamerPeople really can fly. Not just in the form of astral travel or on aircraft, but in their physical bodies. This doesn’t mean we can all suddenly start swooping around like Superman. So far, only rare and special folk have demonstrated this, and even they just rise in the air for a while.

However, at the height of his powers, 19th century Daniel Dunglas Home nearly did fly like Superman. His adventures in the air began one day when he found himself physically floating up to the ceiling. Understandably, this took him rather by surprise. But he soon got the hang of it, and became able to levitate at will. His most famous demonstration was to glide out of one upper storey window and float back in through another. He also learned how to suspend heavy pieces of furniture in the air. Many people saw him do these feats numerous times. Skeptics constantly tested him for signs of hoaxing, but never found any. 

9_18_Saint-Joseph-of-Cupertino_best_Another famous flier was Joseph of Cupertino. He had ecstatic visions from childhood, was intensely religious, and became a Catholic priest in 1628. His levitations began when Pope Urban VIII granted him an audience. This event thrilled him so much, he found himself rising in the air. The other priests quickly dragged him down, but that was just the beginning. In moments of religious fervour, he often floated. Over the years, countless churchgoers and priests observed this at least a hundred times.

However, senior clergymen felt uneasy about it. It was too sensational. Maybe it was the work of devil. And they disliked the personal following Joseph was attracting. For the rest of his life, they tried to hide him away by moving him from one monastery to the other. A century later, the same church made Joseph the patron saint of air travelers.

Saint Teresa of Avila was a medieval Spanish nun who also began to float when she felt spiritually uplifted. Over two hundred priests saw this happen. However, she wasn’t happy about it. She prayed for it to stop, and it did.

Several other levitators have popped up in recorded history. There are probably levitationyogimany more that we’ve never heard about. When they belonged to the church, they were usually canonised. If not – such as Simon Magus in the first century – their floatings were denounced as demonic.

Travellers have brought back many eyewitness accounts of levitation by Tibetan monks, Indian Brahmins and Japanese Ninja. The British explorer Alexandra David-Neel once saw a Buddhist monk fly several meters high. He said he did it by focusing on a star that only he could see in daylight.

From a few experiments I’ve seen and experienced, it seems that one big key is to find a way to draw the spirit body upward, above the body. That enables the physical body to then follow it.

pyramid levitationPerhaps the ancient people knew about levitation. They have left their enigmatic signatures all over the world in the form of pyramids, temples and stone circles. Experts are still trying to figure out how they transported stones sometimes so gigantic that neither super-crane nor helicopter could lift them. When we re-discover the science of levitation, we may not only learn how to fly – we may also solve the mysteries of those great monuments.

This article was first published in my ‘Tales From the Other Side’ Column in Glastonbury’s Oracle magazine.

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One of our biggest questions is, ‘what is the purpose of my life?’ Just asking that can labyrinthhelp – but the answers may not arrive in a neat little package. If we’re destined to move onto a particular path, it usually unfolds in its own way and at the right time in our lives. However, that way may be unexpected, and sometimes even difficult.

This is because the purpose we choose before incarnating is never solely about helping others or the world in some way. It will also involve healing or overcoming whatever personal issue we’ve chosen to sort out in this life. That is why answers to the question ‘what is my purpose’ sometimes only become clear after emerging from a life-changing experience. 

The famous mystical author Dion Fortune went through a gruelling initiation onto her destined path. Still under her birth name of Violet Firth, she began her working life as a teacher in a small school that was dominated by the headmistress from hell.

This person’s unjust and arrogant ways enraged the young woman. Those who knew the danger warned her to avoid confrontation, and instead to just quietly leave the school. Ignoring this, she marched into the head’s office and spoke her mind about everything that had been going on.

B_DionShe had unwittingly walked straight into a trap. The head teacher hypnotically brainwashed her for hours with monotonously repeated statements about how inadequate and inferior she was. The attack was successful. Violet’s spirit was crushed, and it took her a few years to recover.

In the process, however, she began to study psychology and the occult powers of the mind. Under her new name of Dion Fortune, she spent the rest of her life teaching those subjects, and became the renowned author we know today.  

Dr.Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy and the Steiner schools, began life in a poor Austrian family. One day in his childhood, he was sitting in a station waiting room. A woman came in who looked a bit like his parents. She stood in the middle of the room, made some strange gestures, and said, “try to help me if you can – now and later on”. Then she walked through the ancient stove and disappeared.

Little Rudolf didn’t tell his parents about this because they were Catholic, and he RS bookfeared their reaction. Over the next few days, however, he noticed that his father seemed sad. He later found out that a female relative had committed suicide at exactly the time her spirit contacted him in the waiting room.

That was how Dr.Steiner’s spiritual path began. In his lectures, he often mentioned this incident, saying from that time on a soul life began to develop in him. It was the start of his future role as one of the most influential spiritual leaders of the early twentieth century.

In the 1970s, Dr.Helen Wambach did groundbreaking research work that contributed hugely to the understanding of past lives. Her discoveries, statistics and analyses proved reincarnation as near as possible outside a laboratory. Those achievements may never have happened without the following strange experience, which took place before she had any idea of past lives.

Browsing through the library of a Quaker memorial, she felt drawn to one of the books. She had a strong feeling that it was ‘hers’ in some way. As she paged through it, a vivid past life memory came up. She was male, riding a mule in the countryside. The day was hot, and his rough clothes were uncomfortable – but his whole attention was focused on the book propped up on his saddle. It was about a priest describing the other worlds he’d gone to while in a coma.

olde bookeAs she turned the pages of the book in her hand in the present, she had the strange experience of knowing exactly what was on each following page before she’d reached it. She realised she was having a vivid past-life flashback. After that – and for the rest of her life – she immersed herself in past-life studies, publishing books and becoming an important influence in that field.   

In more recent times, the American therapist Denise Linn had a tough initiation to push her onto her path. When she was 17, a motorist knocked her off her scooter, shot her and left her for dead. While in a coma with horrific injuries, she had a near-death experience. Her guides said this was not her time to die as she still had work to do.

Before that experience, she had no interest in any kind of spirituality. In the years that followed, she blossomed into an internationally successful healer, author and past life therapist.  

A friend told me about the watershed experience that set him on his path as a spiritual healer. In 1963, his wife had a minor accident in their car. Worried about the cost of the repairs, he went to the garage to ask for extra time to pay. Here is his account of what then happened.

“Eric, the garage manager, brushed aside my concerns and said, ‘I want to talk to you about spiritual healing.’ I sat down uncomfortably, not knowing how to react. I didn’t know whether he was joking, taking the mickey or playing a cruel game, talking to me about something I’d never heard of and had no interest in. ‘Blah, blah, blah, spiritual blah, blah, love of God blah, blah, spirit doctors blah, blah.’ He was using words and concepts I had never heard before.x healing the world

I was wondering how long this could go on when he said, ‘don’t worry, for the moment, about paying. I know I can trust you. I will be seeing you soon, I know.’

That might have been that – except my wife had a rare blood disease. Complications after the car accident got worse, and she went into a coma. The hospital said they didn’t expect her to last the weekend. In desperation, I went back to the garage to ask about spiritual healing. Eric told me to contact Harry Edwards, as he was the top distance spiritual healer.   

That evening in desperation, I wrote to him about my wife. I posted the letter on the Saturday morning and spent the weekend in an agony of despair.

On Monday morning when I went in to see her, she was still in her coma. But of course, Harry Edwards had only received my letter that morning. I found out later reiki energythat he didn’t start working on her until the Monday evening.

On Tuesday morning, as I approached the ward where my wife was, I saw the specialist in the corridor.

‘I can’t understand it,’ he said to me, ‘she’s sitting up, having soup, laughing and telling jokes.’ He walked away shaking his head.         

From then on, she began a long slow period of recovery. It was clear to me that spiritual healing was the only thing that had saved her. That was the start of my future path as a spiritual healer.”

Fortunately, not everyone has to go through such difficult initiations. Sometimes just reading one book can turn a life around. For many people, the path unfolds magical path booksslowly, like a flower opening one petal at a time. Over the years, there may be several big turning points, and many more minor epiphanies. That’s how it was for me, and still is.

If you’re ever in doubt about which way to go, your enthusiasms are your best guide. When a subject, course or activity feels exciting, it’s like a big signpost saying, “This is it!” That’s what Joseph Campbell meant when he said, “Follow your bliss, and doors will open to you”.

Goethe said, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it”. If a path doesn’t seem to be opening up for you, look at your deepest passions and find your purpose there. Life will then meet you half way. That’s when all the wonderful synchronicities and opportunities will really start to happen.    


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spooky-driveway1When I was a child, we lived in a haunted house. It even looked haunted, with a long driveway lined by tall trees, which kept it in perpetual shadow.

I did my piano practice in the unoccupied cottage. Everything in there was covered with white dustsheets. All the time I was practicing, it felt like someone was watching me from behind. As long as I kept on playing, I felt safe. When it was time to go, I’d suddenly slam the piano shut, grab my music sheets and rush out as fast as I could.

One night I felt a thump right next to me on my pillow. It felt like a small creature then trotted down the bed and jumped off the end. With a sigh, I figured a cat had come in the window and I’d have to put it out.

I got up, put on the light, and started looking for the cat. It was nowhere to be found. Finally, I looked behind the curtains – and saw that the windows had been closed all the time. No physical animal could have got in…


eyesGardens as well as houses can be haunted. At another house when I was about five, the wild area behind the vegetable garden always felt eerie. In the garden of a friend’s house, some downright sinister events once took place.  

“My daughter had a friend to stay, and they wanted to sleep in the caravan in the garden,” she said. “During the night, they heard a thump on top of the caravan. Then there was scratching at the door. It got louder and then started tapping. When they went outside to look, nothing was there.

 At that time, I found a bird drowned in the pond, which felt like a bad omen. And there was a tree that used to shake as if somebody was climbing in it, when no one was there. So we decided to start having lots of jolly barbecues in the garden, to change the atmosphere. That seemed to drive away whatever it was.”


Another friend told me how her daughter, Vicki, was able to see ghosts. On a visit to Kings College Hospital in London she said, “We were walking down the corridor and Vicki said she could see ghosts everywhere. They were lying on stretchers, sitting on chairs, walking along – the place was full of them. She was so frightened she was clutching onto me. I tried to get her to wait for me with the lady in charge of the flower shop, but she refused to let me go.

3D render depicting an overgrown neglected cemetaryin misty twilight.

At another time, we were on a drive with my partner. We stopped at a church in the middle of nowhere. Vicki went with him to look at the churchyard – but came rushing out straight away and jumped back into the car, very frightened. She said she could see strange things over the graves.

One day when we were visiting friends, she said there was a little old lady sitting in a chair. For us, the chair was empty of course. We got her to describe what the old lady looked like, and what she was wearing. When they went through the family album, they found a photo of a great grandmother who was dressed exactly as Vicki had described.

One of the men did an experiment – he slowly tipped the chair forward and asked Vicki what she saw then. She said the old lady looked left and right, and then disappeared. That happened every time he tipped the chair forward.”


astral1Ghosts are not always the spirits of dead people. They can also be astral projections from the living. A few years ago, a male friend and I were drifting apart because we had little in common. In the small hours one night, I went into the kitchen for some water. There was enough moonlight, so I didn’t bother to put the light on.

I nearly dropped my glass when I saw this man’s face hovering in the air outside the window. I must have been half-asleep at the time, which was why I could see an astral form. When the fright fully woke me up, the image disappeared.

Although most people don’t see the astral plane when in full waking consciousness, there are many other ways to sense astral projections and psychic connections. For example, when we see someone clearly in our mind’s eye, it’s often a sign they’re thinking about us. It’s also worth bearing in mind that negative feelings we think are our own may in fact be coming from someone else.   

pd_arl_010_astral_travelFor many children, especially when still very young, the astral world can be as real as the physical. Sarah told me of an experience she had when she was about five years old. 

“One night, I got up from bed and went into the kitchen where the adults were. But nobody took any notice of me. I couldn’t stand it! So I decided to go and annoy my sister, thinking that’ll get me some attention. She hated being poked. So I went to poke her – and my hand went right through her! That really frightened me. I went back to bed as fast as I could!”


Strange experiences can also occur in broad daylight, with normal looking people. This account was first published in my book Magic Past Lives. An acupuncturist who is now passed on told me about this strange incident that he saw on a train.

A man in a business suit was sitting diagonally opposite an equally conventionally dressed woman. There was an unheard exchange between them. The man then started reading his newspaper, holding it up like a barrier.

31-les-allies-dans-la-magieThe woman became angry, and started flicking aggressively at his paper. When that didn’t work, she rolled up her newspaper and began to slap it loudly on the palm of her hand. The man continued to ignore her. It then looked like she was trying to beam bad vibes at him with strange and vehement hand gestures. He steadfastly continued reading his paper.

At the next stop, she got off the train. The others in the carriage gave a round of applause to him for withstanding what was clearly a psychic attack. My friend suggested to him that it might be a good idea to see an exorcist now. To which the man calmly replied, “I am an exorcist”.


The following account from one of my readers is also about a daytime experience with paranormal undertones – but this time with a very different vibration.

“A few years ago on a dark winter afternoon I was working at a community center. Three of us were standing around the reception desk. We were the only people there at that late hour. We were talking about how strange it was that that particular date was a traumatic anniversary for all of us.

In different years, but on exactly that date, one of us had been diagnosed with cancer, and the other two had bad car accidents. Now the day had come round again and we were all three together, talking about it. We couldn’t help wondering if another awful thing was destined to happen to us on that day. 

All of a sudden, a nun in full habit – the only time I’ve seen a nun in full habit in that town – came rushing in, asking directions to a nearby highway. We told her how to get there and she rushed out.

mary-medalThen a few seconds later, she came rushing in again. She pulled out a large plastic bag full of Virgin Mary medals, gave one to each of us and said, ‘These will protect you’.

We’d stopped talking as soon as she came into the building, so she couldn’t have heard our conversation. No further bad things happened to any of us on that day.

There’s no way of knowing if that was because of the talisman the nun gave us – but I still have it, and I carry it with me all the time. The three of us still talk about the day a nun came in and gave us protection against the bad luck of that date.”


Protection from the spirit world can take many strange forms. A friend of mine, Peter, once had a small factory. It had an attic that was hardly used – a few things were stored up there, but it was mostly an open wooden floor. 

“We learned that whenever we heard ghostly footsteps walking up there, it was a warning from the other side,” said Peter. “When it sounded like a woman walking briskly along in high-heel shoes, it was about something wrong on the financial side of the business. Maybe someone was trying to pay us with a bouncy cheque – that sort of thing.

Then there was the slower and heavier footfall of a man. Whenever we heard this, it meant problems or dangers on the factory floor. We always checked our systems whenever we heard these footsteps. And they always turned out to be valid warnings.”


proxyMany paranormal experiences come to us with the intent to help or comfort. This is especially true when the spirits of those who have recently passed over appear to loved ones to reassure them that all is well. They want their grieving families or friends to know that they are still alive, just living in another realm.

One of my readers e-mailed me with the following account:

“When I was a small child, I had a favorite uncle who passed over. I was at his funeral and felt such a loss knowing I would miss him in the future. Even though I saw him lying in the casket I knew in my heart that he was no longer there – that was just the shell of his body.

The following morning, as I was getting up for school, I saw him standing in the doorway in his favorite blue pinstriped suit. He just looked at me for a moment as though to let me know everything was going to be all right. Then he was gone.

I couldn’t tell anyone because we weren’t allowed to talk about such things back when I was a child. I know in my heart he came back to give me peace of mind. To let me know he would always be watching over me, even though no words were spoken.”

We live in a reality that is more mysterious than it seems. Countless people can recall at least one strange occurrence in their lives. Have you ever experienced anything that feels paranormal? If you’d like to share your experiences, you’re welcome to add your comments to this article, or contact me more privately through the Contact Page on my website.

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Far from being the end of life, death is simply the transition to a new phase in our ongoing soul journey. And we never need to make that journey alone. Help is always there, both on this side and on the other side of the veil.

rising soulOur own higher self prepares us through dreams, often quite a long way ahead of time. An elderly woman I knew many years ago had cancer. Her life was slowly and peacefully winding down. During this time, she told me of a vivid dream she’d had. She saw a candle alight on a windowsill. It suddenly went out – but then was immediately alight again on the other side of the window. The dream was a beautifully simple way to show her that she had nothing to fear. Her life would continue on the ‘other side’ just as the candle had done.


Some cultures prepare their people for death in more detail than others. The Tibetan and Egyptian Books of the Dead are full of advice on what to expect after the soul has left the body. For most people, the symbols and references in these books feel too strange and archaic to relate to. We need a more modern book of guidance to the other side – and it looks like that is exactly what is now emerging.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead is a compilation of many different writings put together over hundreds of years. I think we’ve begun a similar process – except our writings are more about real experience than religious theory. from Egtn Bk dd

Many people have had near death experiences and returned to say what happened. This often takes place in a hospital operating theatre.Afterwards the medical staff have been amazed to hear what the patient accurately saw and heard while floating above them in their spirit body.This kind of validation is an important part of our modern Guide to Crossing to the Other Side.


More attention is now given to understanding the processes that people go through in the pre-death stages. Some hospices provide training courses for soul midwives to help people through this important time. One of the best books I’ve ever read on this subject is ‘Perfect Endings’ by Robert Sachs, who was a hospice social worker.

He said that days or even weeks before they depart, the dying can see spirit guides, departed loved ones and even animals coming from the other side to help prepare them for their crossing. In their last days, they are hovering between this world and the next.

The whole experience of ‘dying’ is not sudden – it’s a process that goes through different stages, depending on each individual.spirit guides Countless people have reported that shortly after a loved one departed this world, they came back to them in a vivid dream, to reassure them that there is nothing to fear about death, and to thank them for everything.

Raymond Moody’s book ‘Glimpses of Eternity’ is about shared death experiences, and how surprisingly common they are. He discovered that when someone dies, the person closest to them might also leave their body and accompany them for a short way. People who have returned from this kind of journey say they travelled through amazingly beautiful natural looking surroundings.

After a while they reach a boundary, which is often a stream or a gate. This is the point when they must say their farewells until next time. The departed soul then crosses the boundary and moves on; their companion must return to the physical world. The shared experience is helpful and comforting, both for the bereaved and the departing soul.

oobIn Robert Monroe’s books on his out of body experiences, he says that many people hang around their old haunts because they don’t understand that they’ve passed over. They feel just the same, and their spirit body looks like their physical one did. So they can’t understand why people don’t see or hear them; or why someone else may now be occupying their old home.

Monroe found that once he knew how to leave his body at will, a lot of his work was devoted to helping these confused people to let go of their old life, and move on to the higher realms. He wanted to guide them all to the highest light, but said they always went to the area in the astral plains that was closest to their inner beliefs and spiritual vibration. While hospices train soul midwives to help people on this side of the veil, there are also those who have the gift of helping from the other side, as Robert Monroe did.

Jill Escott is one of those special people. She grew up with many strong signs that she had a past life as a Native American. It’s likely that was when she had some training and experience in this kind of work. In her own words, here is her story of how she came to take up this mission again:


“A clairvoyant channeled a spirit being called Asmundi who suggested that if I chose to do this kind of work, I’d help a lot of souls who were prevented from passing over through fear and confusion.

That night I went into meditation and found that I slipped easily to a place that I have now come to think of as magic tea party“The Transitional Road.” It is always dark and lit by lampposts whenever I visit. It is very bleak and gives the impression that it is in the middle of nowhere but looks like an ordinary, wide road nevertheless. I found myself standing there wondering what was going to happen.

Suddenly I thought that I would like to be more comfortable. No sooner had I thought this than a pair of big comfy armchairs appeared along with a little table complete with a teapot, cups and saucers. This was a very clear example of the power of thought to create what we desire in Spirit realms! I added a tall light to create a beacon and sat down to wait and see what would happen next.

Sweet little baby

She was just lying, perfectly contented, by the edge of the road when I tuned in – a sweet little baby girl about 8 months old as far as I could tell. She was dressed in a frock of darkish green cotton faced with deep red. She was wearing a very unusual bonnet to match with a huge brim with three deep scallops. She was totally unconcerned and kicked out her legs when she saw me and seemed to be asking to be picked up. I felt she was being held by her mother’s grief.

I picked her up. “Hello sweet baby. Who are you then?” I looked across the road and saw that a Door had opened and that a late middle-aged woman was holding her arms out for her. This woman was quite thin with sandy, curly hair and an anxious look on her face. She was wearing an old-fashioned cotton pinafore over a dark blue crimpelene dress and slippers with pom-poms on the toes. She looked pale and wore no make-up. I handed the baby to her. She smiled and the Door closed.

Baby Boy

After the baby “went over”, I noticed a toddler, about 18 months old, dressed in an all-in-one sleep suit. It was white with some pale design on it. He appeared to be quite distressed and was screaming “Mummy! Mummy! ”

Again, I felt he was held by the grief of his mother. I held out my arms to him, but he did not want to come to me. He was entirely focused on some point to the side of the road. I sat down quietly in my armchair and waited. After some minutes, he toddled over to me and laid his head on my lap. He was much calmer now and was just sniffing quietly.

I looked over and saw a Door had opened and arms were stretching out for him. I could not see the face of the person, but I knew it was a woman by her arms. “Come on, let’s see if Mummy is over here.” I took him by his hand, led him over the Road and delivered him to the awaiting arms. He was, by now, perfectly calm. The Door closed.door to other world


Jack was the third passing I witnessed on The Transitional Road. In Goth fashion, Jack was dressed in black skinny-leg jeans, with a black shirt tucked into a wide belt covered in silver studs. These were arranged in about four or five rows and were shaped like flattop pyramids. He was wearing black boots – pointed, I think. He was lounging against the bonnet of a car with his arms folded across his chest and his legs crossed at the knee. He was looking down and I saw his hair was cut short at the back and fell into a long floppy side fringe – it was very black and shiny. He was of a very slim build and looked to be in his late teens.

I do not know the make of the car. It appeared to be an older “retro” style car of a dark colour, but not black. “Hi – you OK?” “Yeah, I’m waiting for my Dad” He seemed to be anxious and did not appear to want to talk anymore, so I left things there. I tuned in the next afternoon and he was still there, stood in the same attitude. “Hi, again. Still here? What’s your name?” “John – Jack” “Right, Jack.”

I glanced into the car and was shown that Jack had died at the wheel. I addressed him as gently as I could. “Jack, your Dad’s not coming. You’re dead Jack. He can’t come here.” Jack became very angry at this point and began to shout and gesticulate wildly. “I’M NOT DEAD!!! MY DAD IS COMING!” Jack then returned to his usual stance against the car bonnet and refused to communicate further. I withdrew.

Later that night I tuned in again and this time Jack looked up as I approached. He had large brown eyes set into a thin, pale face. He looked sad, resigned and anxious. He spoke in a very subdued manner. “He’s not coming is he? I am dead aren’t I?” “Yes, Jack.” “What happens now?”

Immediately a Door opened to a wild, noisy party. I could hear loud voices and laughing and the chink of bottles. A young man appeared at the Doorway. He was laughing and smiling and held a bottle of beer up in the air. His face was very round, his head shaved and he looked as if he was having a great time. He saw Jack and, still laughing, said, “Jack you silly bastard! Get your ass over here!” Jack’s face lit up in recognition. He rushed towards the Door and went in. The Door closed.

Strange Woman

During my first encounter with Jack, a woman came stumbling along the Road towards me. She was early twenties with blond wavy hair cut to just above her chin. She was wearing a dark biker’s jacket, possibly black, a black knee-length, tight skirt with black high heels. She wore fish net tights that were torn into a hole below the knee of her left leg. She carried a black, shiny handbag. She was quite plump and about average height. She appeared to be in a state of shock and I felt that she had passed as a result of a sex attack.

She tottered towards me in some confusion. She did not appear to see Jack, but addressed me directly. “Can I use your phone?” I looked over the Road to see a Door had opened. I was not aware of any noise or of anyone standing in the Doorway. “I’m sorry I don’t have one, but maybe someone has one over there.” “Thanks.”

She tottered over to the Door, went in and the Door closed. Note: At no point did she seem to be aware of Jack, or Jack aware of me talking to her. The two experiences for this woman and for Jack seemed to be carrying on independently of one another.

Joanne Bethwell

After asking my guides and helpers to link with me, we expanded our energy field to take up station on the same stretch of Road where I’d found Jack. I settled down in my armchair to see if anyone happened along. Something whizzed by, a motor bike I think, and then was gone, so I decided to enjoy my pot of tea and a book.

After a quite a short time I think (though it is difficult to judge time in Transitional realms), I looked up and was suddenly aware of a beautiful chestnut horse walking towards me in a very subdued fashion. I was aware of its lovely eyes, so liquid and brown. I also felt it was a little confused. It was a beautiful horse of the hunter standard. It came and stood quietly by me, looking very lost.

Shortly after this, a little girl of about 9 years or so came limping along the road. She was of slim build, very fresh-faced and had a pale complexion. She was dressed in a navy jacket with a red lining, cream jodhpurs and carrying a small, black hard hat. Her hair was pale blonde, quite thick and fashioned into a loose single plait down her back, not quite reaching her shoulder blades. She saw her horse and seemed quite relieved to have found him.

She approached me. “Hello, could I use your mobile phone please? I seem to have had a bit of an accident.” “Well, you could if I had one with me, but I think you’ll find that you won’t be able to get a signal here unfortunately. It’s a bit out of the way. Would you like a cup of tea?” “Yes please – thanks awfully.” She sat down and commenced to rub her left leg.

“What’s the matter with your leg? Have you hurt it? What happened?” “Well, I don’t really know. Sirius (his real name is Cirrus, you know, after the clouds, but I call him Sirius) was startled by a rabbit I think. He began to gallop and then tried to jump this really high hedge. Then he stumbled when he landed and I sort of found myself here somehow.” I was shown that Jo and Cirrus both broken their necks in a fall.

“I see. What’s your name?” “Jo….Joanna, (Joanne?) Beth” I became confused at this point and was wondering if I was receiving correctly, when Jo removed her jacket and I saw Jo……Bethwell sewn on an embroidered name tag. I could not read her full name because a fold in her jacket obscured it. She was wearing a navy blue ‘Fred Perry’ type tee shirt with white piping on the collar. “I say, isn’t it awfully dangerous to sit in the middle of the road like this?”

“Oh, it’s OK. People who travel this way are used to me being here.” At this point, I looked across the Road and saw that a Door had opened. A forge had appeared, filled with a very welcoming, golden light. A blacksmith was busy working in the Doorway and I could see hay deeper within the room. “Look Jo, there’s a forge. Why don’t you go and get your horse seen to – he looks pretty tired and maybe they have a phone there?” tibetan6.gif“I say, what luck to find a forge in the middle of nowhere!

Yes, I’ll do that. Bye, thanks for the tea.” With that she picked up the reins of her horse and walked towards the forge, went in, and the Door closed.

Note: At no point did Jo seem to be frightened – just a little confused about where she was and what had happened to her. I am sure that it was very calming for her that her horse made the transition with her.” ~ Jill Escott.

Jill said she’d love to hear from anyone who recognises any of the people she has described. You can contact her through me by sending a message from the Contacts page on my website, or by leaving a comment to this article.


Have you ever felt that you might do this kind of work? Here are four signs to look out for:

* You feel attracted to the idea of helping people to make their crossing.

* You have a feeling you might have already helped someone in this way.

* You have dreams that seem to be about this.

* You get signs and synchronicities pointing to this possibility.

Even if you haven’t noticed any particular signs, if you’d like to help people make their crossing easier, simply put out to the Universe that this is your wish. If it’s meant to be, the right path for you will open up.

P.S. Have a look at the comments to this article for more fascinating accounts of how soul midwives work. And please add your own if you feel inspired!


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Reality is not what it seems. There is much more to life than just the physical realm. And the human mind is hard-wired with more supernormal powers than most people think are even possible.clairvoyant

These abilities are not new. Throughout history, people have found many different ways to cultivate and use these potentials. In the process, they became the path-makers and way-showers for everyone else. As we remember them now, they can still be a great source of inspiration. So here are 15 examples of those shining stars – not to put them on a pedestal, but to remind us of how much is possible for everyone.

There are no doubt countless more who will remain forever unknown. They were the alchemists, wiccans, cunning men, wise women, occultists, kabbalists, pagans and mystics who took the quieter paths of life – maybe achieving great things on the inner planes.

You might have been one of them – and perhaps still are. I hope that something here will help to confirm or remind you of your own special gifts and powers.

SETNegytsmE KHAMWAS: Egyptian magician-priest (c.1300 – 1245 BCE)
The son of Pharoah Rameses II, he became High Priest of Ptah at Memphis. One of the greatest magicians of ancient Egypt, a thousand years after he’d died people were still talking about his powers.

The most famous tale celebrates his search for an important book of magic written by the god Thoth. A dark sorcerer tried to hide it from the world by taking it with him to the grave. Setne braved the terrors of the underworld, battled the spirit of the evil magician, and brought back the book in triumph.

In the 20th century, he was a key inner plane contact in Dion Fortune’s Fraternity of the Inner Light.

APOLLONIUS OF TYANA: 1st century Greek magician & philosopher.
In his youth, he spent years learning from the sages and priests of India, Egypt and Babylon. A believer in reincarnation, one of the past lives he recalled was as a ship’s pilot in Ancient Egypt.

At the age of twenty, he observed a vow of silence for five years. Always dressed in simple clothes and homemade sandals, he was celibate for life. He became famous for his healings, exorcisms, prophecies, telepathy, shape-shifting and remote viewing.

He accurately foretold the day the Roman Emperor Domitian would die. When plague struck the city of Ephesus, he drove away the evil spirit that caused it.

When jealous priests or ignorant crowds attacked him, he used his powers to disappear before they killed him. One day in court, after legally winning his case, he suddenly vanished and re-appeared in another town many miles away.

Always traveling, he wrote letters full of enlightened advice and spiritual awareness. He became so famous for his wisdom the Emperor Vespasian adopted him as an advisor. After a long life, he mysteriously vanished altogether. The rumour said that he’d ascended bodily to heaven.

alchemistALBERTUS MAGNUS: German monk, alchemist & magician (1206–1280)
He became a Catholic Bishop, but resigned to focus on his esoteric writing and teaching. Ahead of his time, he advocated the peaceful co-existence of religion and science.

Hugely influential, he’s still respected as the greatest German philosopher of the Middle Ages. The church canonised him after his death, and esoteric Christians regard him as the patron saint of occultism.

ROGER BACON: English Franciscan Friar (c.1214–94)
A pioneer of scientific research, especially in optical lenses, he studied mathematics and medicine at Oxford and in Paris. His most famous invention was a brass head, which could answer questions truthfully and speak about the future.

He also had a crystal ball in which he could see what was happening anywhere in the world. Bacon prophesied that one day vehicles would be able to fly, and move without the help of oars, sails or horses.

People called him Doctor Mirabilis – “wonderful teacher”. The church took a dim view of all this, and at various times imprisoned him, forbade him to write, and burnt his books.

MerlinABRAMELIN THE MAGE: Medieval Jewish magician. (c 1360 – 1450)
Author of The Sacred Magic, a significant book of magical and Kabbalistic secrets. The central theme of this work was the importance of using magic in harmony with one’s Holy Guardian Angel. It later became a well-thumbed handbook for the 20th century Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

HEINRICH CORNELIUS AGRIPPA: German magician & occultist (1486–1535)
His major work was three books on occult philosophy called De Occulta Philosophia. He was warned not to publish it, so it circulated secretly in manuscript form for 23 years. It’s now viewed as major contribution to esoteric knowledge. Agrippa travelled a lot – many think working as the emissary of a secret occult movement.

GIORDANO BRUNO: Friar, magician & astronomer (1548 – 1600)

woodcut of Bruno

Bruno maintained that the sun was a star, and that the universe was full of worlds inhabited by intelligent beings. He wanted to spread a new world religion based on Hermetic magic, and worked with secret societies to promote that.

After a lifetime of conflict with the church, they eventually caught him and burned him at the stake.

EMANUEL SWEDENBORG: Swedish visionary, mystic & writer (1688–1772)
In middle age, he began to have angelic messages and visions about his life purpose. He wrote over 200 books about the spiritual realms and his mystical experiences.

He once described a fire happening in Stockholm while he was at a party over 100 miles away. He also correctly foretold the deaths of several people – including his own.

SAMUEL FALK: Polish-Jewish Rabbi, Alchemist & Kabbalist (c.1710–82)
Famous for his strange powers, both Christians and Jews went to him for magical help. Among the many tales told about him, people said he could miraculously keep candles burning and float objects from one place to another. When the Great Synagogue caught fire, he saved it from burning down by writing four Hebrew letters on the door.candle-magick

The Archbishop of Cologne condemned him to death as a sorcerer, but he escaped and moved to London. There he became the centre of a kabbalist circle, which later evolved into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

In its heyday, this Order was like an esoteric university. By this time, mystics were realizing that their powers came from within. Greater self-awareness was emerging as more important and effective than a lot of arcane, complex rituals. Self-development was becoming the real key to magic power.

HELENA BLAVATSY: Russian mystic & scholar (1831-91)
At the age of 16, she ran away from an arranged marriage and set off on an adventurous life in search of spiritual wisdom. While living in Tibet, she was initiated into the higher mysteries, and began to receive guidance from the inner planes.

Back in New York, she established the Theosophical Society, which now has branches all over the world. She published several books, including the groundbreaking Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine.

Blavatsky’s writings made a big splash in esoteric circles at the time. Her influence later spread even further. She introduced the west to eastern spirituality, such as chakras, reincarnation and karmic law. Many of her teachings are now the foundation truths of the New Age movement.

DANIEL DUNGLASS HOME: Scottish psychic & medium (1833 – 1886)Daniel-Dunglas-Home4

In August 1852, while sitting in a psychic circle, Home floated up to the ceiling. After that, he levitated so often it was almost his trademark.

He could also waft heavy articles of furniture up to the ceiling; and make himself several inches taller. On one occasion, he floated out of one third storey window and back in again at another window – which was on the other side of the room.

He performed his feats in broad daylight, in front of many witnesses. Committees of sceptics tested him dozens of times – but they could never catch him out in anything that looked like fraud.

Edgar Cayce: American trance channeler (1877 – 1945)
By accident one day, Edgar Cayce discovered that when he went into a trance, a higher consciousness began to speak through him. In this state, he found that his guide answered many questions about the deeper mysteries of life.

Edgar CayceHe also correctly diagnosed countless numbers of people’s health problems, and gave them successful healing advice. He would often describe the past life cause of the problem, and the inner work that would heal the client. Because of the enormous success rate of these diagnoses, Cayce was called ‘The Sleeping Prophet’.

Some of his predictions for the world have since come true, with many others still waiting in the wings. He prophesied that one day science and spirituality would work together, when people begin to understand the reality beyond the physical world.

MIRRA ALFASSA: French mystic (1878 – 1973)
From her early childhood, Mirra began to have mystical experiences. She would receive instructions and messages from her spirit guides in dreams. From the age of twelve, she left her body every night to help with the healing of others.

In her early twenties, while visiting the Doge’s Palace in Venice, she recalled a past life there when she had been strangled and thrown into the canal.

She studied yoga and the Bhagavad Gita, and went to India. There she met the yogi Aurobindo Ghose, who she recognised as one of her childhood dream guides. She stayed in India to work with him, devoting her life to her inner guidance and the evolution of humankind.

During the Second World War Aurobindo and Alfassa said that Nazi victory would be a major spiritual defeat for the world. They worked intensively on the inner planes to prevent that from happening.

For more on the inner work that other psychics did during the war, see my article ‘The Occult Side of War’

Paramhansa Yogananda: Indian Yogi (1893 – 1952)
The first great master of yoga to teach in the west, Yogananda taught about the unMeditator photo by Sarah Bootyity of all true religions; how to meditate; and how to achieve health and well-being for body, mind and soul.

In 1920, he founded the Self Realization Fellowship. This organisation now has branches all over the world, dedicated to his teachings.

His best-selling book “The Autobiography of a Yogi” is an inspiring account of his extraordinary life and experiences. I highly recommended it for anyone who’s interested in discovering how a spiritually centred outlook can open up a truly miraculous life path.

ROBERT MONROE: American Out of Body Pioneer (1915 – 1995)
In the 1950s, Robert Monroe began to have spontaneous, unexpected out of body experiences. Afraid and confused at first, he slowly came to terms with what was happening, and later became an expert in out of body travel.

astral travelOver time, he found that there were many souls on the astral plane who felt lost after the death of their bodies. They often didn’t understand that they’d moved on from that life. Monroe was able to help countless numbers of them to find their spiritual home.

His three groundbreaking books about his experiences are ‘Journeys Out of the Body’, ‘Far Journeys’ and ‘Ultimate Journey’.

He did extensive and in-depth research into out of body experiences and the nature of consciousness. That later led to the creation of The Monroe Institute, which is now a thriving centre teaching out of body travel and remote viewing.

There are many other worthy names that I haven’t included here – there just isn’t enough space for them all. Anyway, these may be enough for the purpose of this article – which is to serve as a reminder that supernormal powers are both possible and real. They are part of our human heritage – and they are within us all.


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I’m delighted to present this guest blog by Faith, about an amazing healing experience that took her completely by surprise.gate 2 by Thomas Kincade

A friend had to drag her along to an evening of clairvoyance, because she’s always been skeptical about that kind of thing. But after her mind-blowing experience there, she now has no doubt that loved ones who’ve passed to the other side really can – and do – give us accurate, helpful and loving messages with the power to heal old wounds of fear and doubt. And now read on….


When I moved to Glastonbury, I was warned to expect emotional ‘stuff’ to come up, that I would be obliged to address it and challenged to heal. Eek! But I had moved here inviting growth. Still, I’ve been astonished by one way that healing has happened.

For decades I had carried pain and anger about feeling abandoned by my beloved mother, who died when I was ten. Her loss seemed to have defined my life.

On the anniversary of her death this year, a friend asked me to go along to a clairvoyance meeting in Glastonbury – my first. I had always been skeptical and resistant, but as I heard loving messages being given to others, I relaxed and silently invited contact.

The next message was for me, said the medium, from my rather hesitant and tentative mother, who just wanted to say ‘I’m very proud of my girl.’ Through him, she referred to events and names from my childhood and a car accident of some thirty years ago with a  warning not to drive so fast – and not to be so driven in my life.

“Thermother and babye’s always tomorrow, relax and let life feel good, like on our holidays in Devon.” She also said she had been healing a recent problem with my leg.

I went home, found a photo of her as a smiling young woman and put it on display. Every time I look at it, I feel joy and peace, an exchange of her proud caring and my forgiveness and gratitude. She is with me now – clearly always has been – and my heart feels light. I have my mother back.

A month later I went again to the clairvoyance evening and a different medium approached me. She talked without asking me a single question. “There’s a lovely man here bringing a bunch of roses for you, his wife. He’s a proud and normally very private man, but he’s bathing you in so much love.”

My husband Al passed away with cancer seven years ago. From diagnosis to death had been a loving but dramatic and emotional journey for us both, as we tried to cope in our own different ways. His loss was devastating.

“He says that going to the spirit world was a big shock at first” continued the medium, “ because he had been skeptical about life after death and was surprised that souls in spirit can communicate with people in body.

“He wants to thank you for your care and complete devotion to him during his illness. Never be in any doubt that you did everything you could in an exemplary way. You couldn’t have done any more.

“He’s sorry for making everything so much harder for you than it needed to be. He should have taken more responsibility for his health, gone to the doctor when he first knew something was wrong. He knew for a few months that his death was likely and says he should have spoken out and made some arrangements.

“He watches over you and knows that when he died a large part of you died too. But he had to go, it was right for him. He wants you to walk out of here feeling lighter and more free.”

soul matesThe message had included specific dates, times and references that no medium could have guessed and I could feel my husband close. Finally I released the final vestiges of uncertainty and guilt and I am indeed light and free.

Both burdens of loss have now slid from my shoulders and I’m left with the certain reassurance that love between souls never dies, it just transforms into a different mode of togetherness.

~ Faith ~


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