One of our biggest questions is, ‘what is the purpose of my life?’ Just asking that can labyrinthhelp – but the answers may not arrive in a neat little package. If we’re destined to move onto a particular path, it usually unfolds in its own way and at the right time in our lives. However, that way may be unexpected, and sometimes even difficult.

This is because the purpose we choose before incarnating is never solely about helping others or the world in some way. It will also involve healing or overcoming whatever personal issue we’ve chosen to sort out in this life. That is why answers to the question ‘what is my purpose’ sometimes only become clear after emerging from a life-changing experience. 

The famous mystical author Dion Fortune went through a gruelling initiation onto her destined path. Still under her birth name of Violet Firth, she began her working life as a teacher in a small school that was dominated by the headmistress from hell.

This person’s unjust and arrogant ways enraged the young woman. Those who knew the danger warned her to avoid confrontation, and instead to just quietly leave the school. Ignoring this, she marched into the head’s office and spoke her mind about everything that had been going on.

B_DionShe had unwittingly walked straight into a trap. The head teacher hypnotically brainwashed her for hours with monotonously repeated statements about how inadequate and inferior she was. The attack was successful. Violet’s spirit was crushed, and it took her a few years to recover.

In the process, however, she began to study psychology and the occult powers of the mind. Under her new name of Dion Fortune, she spent the rest of her life teaching those subjects, and became the renowned author we know today.  

Dr.Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy and the Steiner schools, began life in a poor Austrian family. One day in his childhood, he was sitting in a station waiting room. A woman came in who looked a bit like his parents. She stood in the middle of the room, made some strange gestures, and said, “try to help me if you can – now and later on”. Then she walked through the ancient stove and disappeared.

Little Rudolf didn’t tell his parents about this because they were Catholic, and he RS bookfeared their reaction. Over the next few days, however, he noticed that his father seemed sad. He later found out that a female relative had committed suicide at exactly the time her spirit contacted him in the waiting room.

That was how Dr.Steiner’s spiritual path began. In his lectures, he often mentioned this incident, saying from that time on a soul life began to develop in him. It was the start of his future role as one of the most influential spiritual leaders of the early twentieth century.

In the 1970s, Dr.Helen Wambach did groundbreaking research work that contributed hugely to the understanding of past lives. Her discoveries, statistics and analyses proved reincarnation as near as possible outside a laboratory. Those achievements may never have happened without the following strange experience, which took place before she had any idea of past lives.

Browsing through the library of a Quaker memorial, she felt drawn to one of the books. She had a strong feeling that it was ‘hers’ in some way. As she paged through it, a vivid past life memory came up. She was male, riding a mule in the countryside. The day was hot, and his rough clothes were uncomfortable – but his whole attention was focused on the book propped up on his saddle. It was about a priest describing the other worlds he’d gone to while in a coma.

olde bookeAs she turned the pages of the book in her hand in the present, she had the strange experience of knowing exactly what was on each following page before she’d reached it. She realised she was having a vivid past-life flashback. After that – and for the rest of her life – she immersed herself in past-life studies, publishing books and becoming an important influence in that field.   

In more recent times, the American therapist Denise Linn had a tough initiation to push her onto her path. When she was 17, a motorist knocked her off her scooter, shot her and left her for dead. While in a coma with horrific injuries, she had a near-death experience. Her guides said this was not her time to die as she still had work to do.

Before that experience, she had no interest in any kind of spirituality. In the years that followed, she blossomed into an internationally successful healer, author and past life therapist.  

A friend told me about the watershed experience that set him on his path as a spiritual healer. In 1963, his wife had a minor accident in their car. Worried about the cost of the repairs, he went to the garage to ask for extra time to pay. Here is his account of what then happened.

“Eric, the garage manager, brushed aside my concerns and said, ‘I want to talk to you about spiritual healing.’ I sat down uncomfortably, not knowing how to react. I didn’t know whether he was joking, taking the mickey or playing a cruel game, talking to me about something I’d never heard of and had no interest in. ‘Blah, blah, blah, spiritual blah, blah, love of God blah, blah, spirit doctors blah, blah.’ He was using words and concepts I had never heard before.x healing the world

I was wondering how long this could go on when he said, ‘don’t worry, for the moment, about paying. I know I can trust you. I will be seeing you soon, I know.’

That might have been that – except my wife had a rare blood disease. Complications after the car accident got worse, and she went into a coma. The hospital said they didn’t expect her to last the weekend. In desperation, I went back to the garage to ask about spiritual healing. Eric told me to contact Harry Edwards, as he was the top distance spiritual healer.   

That evening in desperation, I wrote to him about my wife. I posted the letter on the Saturday morning and spent the weekend in an agony of despair.

On Monday morning when I went in to see her, she was still in her coma. But of course, Harry Edwards had only received my letter that morning. I found out later reiki energythat he didn’t start working on her until the Monday evening.

On Tuesday morning, as I approached the ward where my wife was, I saw the specialist in the corridor.

‘I can’t understand it,’ he said to me, ‘she’s sitting up, having soup, laughing and telling jokes.’ He walked away shaking his head.         

From then on, she began a long slow period of recovery. It was clear to me that spiritual healing was the only thing that had saved her. That was the start of my future path as a spiritual healer.”

Fortunately, not everyone has to go through such difficult initiations. Sometimes just reading one book can turn a life around. For many people, the path unfolds magical path booksslowly, like a flower opening one petal at a time. Over the years, there may be several big turning points, and many more minor epiphanies. That’s how it was for me, and still is.

If you’re ever in doubt about which way to go, your enthusiasms are your best guide. When a subject, course or activity feels exciting, it’s like a big signpost saying, “This is it!” That’s what Joseph Campbell meant when he said, “Follow your bliss, and doors will open to you”.

Goethe said, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it”. If a path doesn’t seem to be opening up for you, look at your deepest passions and find your purpose there. Life will then meet you half way. That’s when all the wonderful synchronicities and opportunities will really start to happen.    


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The body is like a book: it’s full of secrets about our past lives.secret book

This is because we have a spirit body that goes from one lifetime to the next. All our experiences affect our spirit body, with the biggest experiences having the greatest effect.

Then, when we take on a new life, our spirit body imprints those effects into our new physical body.

Those effects can be highly positive. For example, good posture can come from a past life in the military or as a ballerina. One of my clients had a good voice for public speaking. We found that it came from an earlier life of happily singing in a choir. Edgar Cayce, the famous psychic, once told a woman she had beautiful hands because of a previous life spent in devoted spiritual service.

Because the body holds so many of our past-life memories, physical therapies, such as massage, can sometimes wake them up. A woman I know used to have a migraine problem. She went for an Indian head massage because she sensed that it would somehow help. It did help – but not in the way she expected.

During the treatment, a vivid memory came up of a previous life. In a fit of anger, her husband had killed her by hitting her over the head with a crowbar. That was the inner cause of her migraines. It also explained why she’d never wanted to be married in this life.

So many issues have past-life causes that it’s always worth looking at the past life element of any physical problem. The most common physical effects from past lives are chronic ailments, disabilities, skin and weight problems.

Dr.Edith Fiore found that practically all her patients who were overweight by more than ten pounds had been through a lifetime when they either starved to decarrying waterath or suffered long periods of food deprivation.

Because of past-life shortages, many people have a deep-down fear that their food supplies will suddenly disappear again. Because of this, they feel unconsciously driven to make the most of the times of plenty while they can.

Media and health-care pundits often wring their hands about the ‘obesity problem’ in the western world. I’m convinced it would help if they understood that in many cases, the root cause of this is not greed, but past-life deprivation.

Food issues can work the opposite way around as well. One of my clients told me that she’d been anorexic in her teens. As an adult, she still had problems about eating enough.

In her regression, she discovered the cause of this. She was punishing herself for having been a fat man. At the end of that life, he was horrified to realise that he’d lived well while beggars at his gate were starving. Once she understood that, she knew it was finally time to stop unconsciously punishing herself for it.

People are coming forward now with memories of their experiences in Nazi concentration camps. The starvation they went through there can create eating problems in a later life, such as anorexia and bulimia.

Just living in times when resources were scarce can leave its mark. This takes the form of an unconscious but strong belief that ‘there’s never enough’ or ‘I must eat as little as possible to make things last’ or ‘I must eat as much as possible while I can’. Because they went so deep, these beliefs continue to be an influence in subsequent lives, causing all kinds of eating disorders and issues around food.

A traumatic past life experience with fire is one of the biggest reasons for skin problems in this life, such as eczema or psoriasis.

One of my clients had suffered psoriasis on her arms all her life. In her regression, she found that in a past life she’d reached through the window of a burning house to try to save her baby.

Her arms had caught fire, and she hadn’t been able to save the child. That terrible memory had literally burnt itself into her psyche. Once she knew where it had come from, the psoriasis on her arms began to fade away.

birthmark 2

Professor Ian Stevenson’s researches found that many birthmarks are in fact death marks. They look like the scars left by the deathblow that ended the person’s previous life.

He found that the shape, position and colour of the birthmarks looked exactly like the marks that bullets, hammers, knives or strangling wires would have made.

When you know how to decode birthmarks, it’s fairly clear to see what kind of past life event could have caused them.

So many phobias come from terrors held in the body because of a past life physical trauma. Fear of water, fire, spiders, snakes, crowds or heights are the most common. Unexpected, completely individual, issues can also pop up now and then.

One of my clients used to be terrified of moths. Moths had never harmmoth1ed her of course. But in her regression, she discovered that in a previous life, while dying in great pain, she was gazing at a moth. Therefore, moths meant pain and death to her. Once she understood how she’d made that association, her fear crumbled away. Eventually she could even let a moth sit on her hand.

Little aversions can be big clues. Do you hate tight necklines or anything round your throat? It’s a sign that you might have been hanged or strangled in a past life.

Likes and dislikes about food can also be good clues. Someone I know who loves North African food found out that she once had a very happy past life there. A man once told me that he loves stew because it reminds him of a simple but contented past life he had in a cottage in the woods.

boundfeet1One of my clients told me that she loves to go barefoot as much as possible. In her regression she found that in a Chinese past life her feet had been bound.

It was once a tradition in China to bind girl babies’ feet to keep them tiny for the rest of their lives. They could never walk properly of course, but that was supposed to be a sign of great beauty.

After that experience, she was determined to savor the joy of being able to feel the earth with healthy feet again.

These do not necessarily come from bad karma. People often have them for good reasons – such as healing a personal imbalance. For example, someone who relied a lot on physical strength in their past lives might choose a sickly life to develop their inner powers. Another might have a life of disability to learn how to receive love and help from others.

Edgar Cayce said that a woman who came to him had been born disfigured because she’d persecuted others during a life in Imperial Rome. However, she’d made a lot of inner progress since then, and this was her last bit of karma around that. All she needed to do was accept it, and after this life she’d start incarnating on higher planes.

Whatever the reason, disabilities are always there to help the person’s inner spirit to grow or heal in some way.

A good way to understand, and ultimately heal, any physical problem is to see how it relates to the symbology of the body.

Long before problems show up in our physical bodies, they can be traced in the aura chakraman-purpleand the chakras. This means that many of our physical problems have an inner cause that could have been building up for lifetimes.

Traumas then come to those particular areas because there was an inner imbalance or emotional problem there to start with. For example, past-life suffocation often causes asthma in later lives. But before the physical suffocation took place, there might have been another, more subtle, kind of suffocation going on.

When the person then reincarnates with an asthma problem, it’s as if the body is prompting them to deal with the more long-term emotional issue. The physical problem focuses attention there in order to bring about a necessary deeper healing.

While any area of the body may carry the effects of past life physical wounds, there is often also a psychological / spiritual / emotional side to the problem. Addressing that can bring surprising improvements to the physical effects.

Here is a quick overview of the symbology of the body. This is just a general guide, not a one-size-fits-all, because everyone’s past life effects are always completely individual.

HEAD: Mental pressures; connection with higher consciousness.

FACE: Self-image; relating to other people, and the world ‘out there’.

EYES: Vision in all senses of the word.

EARS: The ability to listen and to hear in every way.

NOSE: The ability to detect subtle influences; to ‘smell a rat’.

TEETH: Boundaries; defences; use of words.

NECK & THROAT: Communication; speaking out.

SHOULDERS: Responsibilities; burdens.

BACK: Unconscious issues; burdens; punishments.

BACKBONE: Inner strength.

BONES: Deeply held beliefs; the inner foundation.

ARMS: Ability to take action.

HANDS: Creativity; responsibility; connection with others.

CHEST: Ability to give and receive joy, love and appreciation.

BREATHING: Ability to receive inspiration; to let go of whatever needs to be released.

LIVER, KIDNEYS, PANCREAS: Ability to process and clear negativity.

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Ability to absorb goodness from experiences; difficulties created by emotional blocks around receiving or being present.

SKIN: Boundaries; relationship with others and the outer world.

REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS: Creativity; life force; survival; family life.

LEGS: Direction in life; ability to move forward on your path

KNEES: Flexibility; adaptability; humility.

FEET: Relationship with physical reality, and the current life.


1. Bodywork such as massage. This relieves both physical and emotional pain, especially when focused on the neck, back, feet and head.body-work

2. Deep breathing. See the in-breath cleansing the body of all past issues; use each out-breath to release and let go of old wounds.

3. The use of healing magnets to draw old emotional pain out of the body.

4. Acupuncture or acupressure to clear the inner meridians. Long-standing emotional issues clog these up. The blockages then create health problems. sound-healing-bowls

5. Chakra healing and clearing exercises and meditations.

6. Use of sound healing such as gongs and rattles to clear the aura.

7. Awareness. The more conscious we are about the inner cause of any problem, the easier it is to resolve it.


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This article was first published in Soul & Spirit Magazine.
They asked the questions, and I gave the answers.

Q: Firstly, what are karmic mechanics? And how can they affect your current life?

A: Karma means that the consequences of everything we do will eventually come back to us. This is not to punish, but to teach. Our karma works with us, not against us. Its purpose is to move us towards lives of greater joy and enlightenment.

For example, a young soul may use power in tyrannical ways. In subsequent lifetimes, this oppressor becomes the oppressed to understand how he affected others. Later on, he may decide to stand up for the pearls in shell 2 gglrights of downtrodden people. Many people have done wonderful work in the world because of this kind of karma. It’s like the grit in the oyster shell that produces the pearl.

Although karma is mainly about actions, harshly judgemental attitudes can also have karmic consequences. Someone who is heavily prejudiced against any group of people will one day find themselves reincarnated as part of that group. The purpose of this is to get them to drop their prejudices and learn to accept different kinds of people.

Karma also works to change negative illusions. For example, someone who believes they are worthless may find fate pushing them to do something that will bring a healthier sense of self-worth. Or someone who incarnates with a lot of arrogance from a previous life may inherit the karma of having to live in very humble circumstances.

However, not every difficulty, challenge or limitation in life is the result of ‘bad karma’. There are all kinds of different reasons why souls choose those experiences, so it’s best never to make glib assumptions about them.

Q: What are the signs that you are experiencing a karmic connection with someone? How can we become more aware of these signs?

A: Most of our karmic connections are with the people who are closest to us – family, partners and lifelong friends. When those relationships are happy, it means you’ve had a good history together.

Nearly everyone can think of at least one person who’s always been there for them – always on their side, come what may. This is the sign of a gold star karmic connection.

people joining handsOther good karmic connections are those people who come into your life – perhaps only for a short time – and have a good effect in some way. Of course, you can find yourself doing the same for others. These are also signs of good karmic connections.

On the other hand, long-term problems with someone who’s hard to get away from is a sure sign of a karmic issue that needs to be sorted out.

Q: Why are we drawn to our karmic connections? What purpose do they hold in our lives?

A: Before incarnating, in the between-life worlds, we decide which issues we’re going to deal with in the life to come. We then make soul contracts with the others who will be involved. Once we’re here again, our lives will then inevitably pull us towards those very people.

The best way to handle these fateful relationships is to remember that all our karmic dramas are a journey towards finding real love – i.e. healthy, happy balanced relationships based on mutual acceptance and respect.

This doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to be ‘nice’ all the time. Sometimes karma pushes us into standing up for ourselves, or drawing clear boundaries.

For example, in a previous life an older woman bullied one of my clients very badly. She hadn’t resolved the issue in that life, so in this life the same relationship began to play out. Once she understood that, she realised she had to be brave this time around, and reclaim her self-worth.

Q: Are we always fated to meet with people that we have karmic ties with? Are we destined to meet the same soulmate in each lifetime or would it only occur if there were unresolved issues to solve?

A: It’s more fluid than that. All kinds of karmic connections are constantly weaving in and out of our lives. minuetWe aren’t with the same people in every lifetime, and we don’t always have the same relationship with them. It’s a dance of constantly changing roles and partners.

If two people need to sort out a karmic issue, they can wait for a life that will work for both of them. In each lifetime, we don’t give ourselves more than we can reasonably handle.

Q: Would you be able to give us one example of a karmic situation that you, or one of your clients, have encountered? If it was a negative experience, how was it resolved?

A: During a regression, one of my clients went back to a Native American life. It was when white people Red Indian Silhouettewere starting to take over the land. In that life, she was a warrior. He was very angry with the invaders. But he refused to slip into negativity and victimhood. Instead, he held onto the belief that whatever happened, the gods would always bless his people with lives of abundance and spirituality.

That choice made a huge difference to her in this lifetime. She was born into circumstances that made it easy for her to follow her spiritual path, without any financial problems.

This is how we create good karma for ourselves – by choosing to stay positive, whatever challenges life may throw at us.

Q: Apart from past life work, what other therapies will help with karmic issues?

A: The body often holds onto past life issues. So when you’re sorting out those problems, it helps to have a physical therapy such as reflexology, acupuncture or aromatherapy massage.

Beliefs and attitudes that affect our karma often lodge in our auras and astral bodies. When you’re working on yourself at that level, therapies like Reiki, Shiatsu or sound healing can all help.

Ancient Indian wisdom says that meditation and yoga are excellent ways to reduce bad karma. I’m sure yoga classthat’s also true of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. These practices raise your vibration, which clears away all kinds of negativity.

The best way to find a good therapy for karmic issues is to follow your heart, and pick whichever one feels right for you.

Q: Finally, do you have a particular exercise that you would recommend for cutting negative karmic ties?

The best way to cut negative ties is to forgive the other person for any wrong they may have done you in this or any other life. This will not change them or erase the past – but it will release you from its effects.

Resentment, anger and vengeance create binding karmic ties that guarantee lifetimes of unpleasantness. Forgiveness just means letting go of the whole issue. When you do that, it also lets go of you.

lantern girlThe following three steps will also cut through negative karmic ties:

1. When a problem comes, accept what’s happening as a form of karma – even if you can’t understand why at first.

2. Treat it as a test to see if you’ll choose a positive over a negative reaction.

3. Ask your higher guidance what this has come to show you, and what the lesson is.

Karma is a wise law that works to push us slowly but surely onto more positive, loving and happier paths. With that as your guiding light, your pathways through the world of karma will always be good.


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