Everyone goes through spells of feeling down, blocked or depressed.  For those times when only a quick and effective answer will do, here are five good ways to turn your life around.

The first two are the most powerful. Just doing those will work, even if you don’t bother with the other three. However, if you do add in the other ways, your turn-around will move ahead quicker, easier – and best of all, more enjoyably. 

  1. DECIDE THAT YOU WANT YOUR LIFE TO BE BETTER. Clear and heartfelt decisions that we make about our lives and ourselves are amazingly powerful. You can build on that by also putting it out to the universe. Say, ‘Spirit please show me the way to a better life’. If you send that out with feeling, just once is enough. However, it’s also fine to repeat it whenever you wish. After that, follow your feelings. If, for some unknown reason, you want to read a certain magazine / use a new café / phone or e-mail someone – whatever it may be – any of these things may give you a signpost to your next step, or a little gold nugget of information. Over time, these little things add up to a lot.
  1. TAKE ACTION. Once you’ve decided how you want your life to unfold, every day do one action towards it. These actions can begin in small, token or symbolic ways. They work because when you move your dream into the physical arena of action it sends a strong signal to the universe. You may be surprised one day when some little token thing you do leads to something unexpectedly positive.
  1. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS – from the biggest to the tiniest. Start making a list of them. You’ll be surprised how the list grows once you start it.
  1. NOTICE THE NICE LITTLE THINGS. Eckhart Tolle says that a happy life is just a birdsignstring of happy moments. You can build up those moments by noticing little things that you like in your day-to-day life. A pretty flower, a funny joke, the call of a bird – there is always something to appreciate.
  1. SPEND A FEW MOMENTS VISUALISING yourself moving from a path you don’t like, onto a much better path. The best times to do this are first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

These five steps will turn your attention from what’s wrong in your life, placing your focus on positive solutions instead. Doing that will transform your vibration and whole attitude to life. In turn, that will automatically change what you attract to yourself. I know from personal experience that these methods really do work.

Allow it time to develop – a major turn-around can’t happen instantly. However, even at the earliest stages, you’ll start to feel the difference. You can trust this process. It’s real, it’s good – and most of all, it’s on your side.


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dianaAs a past life therapist I’ve noticed a trend developing in recent years: the healing of past life wounds to the feminine side of our nature.

This applies to men as well as women. Because we experience both male and female lives, men also have wounds to their yin side. However, while some men do become aware of this, it’s more usual for this kind of issue to come up for healing during a female life.

Women now have freedoms which they haven’t had for centuries. New doors are opening that were always firmly shut before.

Despite this, many feel that an invisible chain is still somehow holding them back. That chain often turns out to be an experience in a former lifetime, which attacked or oppressed their female nature.

The good news is these wounds can be healed. Just unearthing those memories from the subconscious removes the power they once had over us. While it’s still unconscious, a negative memory will constantly whisper fearful messages to us. This influences our choices and decisions in ways that are difficult to trace at the time. As Professor Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”.

This may be what the story of Rumpelstiltskin was really about. Many mythology and fairy tales are now turning out to have deeper meanings, which we’re only just beginning to rediscover. In the tale of mad wizardRumpelstiltskin, when people didn’t know his name he had power over them. But as soon as they guessed his name, he lost that power. I think this stands for the control our subconscious fears have over us until we identify them.

Facing these issues brings all kinds of positive changes in how people feel about themselves; their whole approach to life; and ultimately, the kind of future that then becomes available to them.

When a significant number of people transform themselves like this, it resonates through the mass psyche like a gong. As a result, the inner pathways that individuals have forged remain there for others to use more easily. Hopefully this will eventually heal the wounds to the divine feminine for everyone. When that happens, this kind of personal problem will then fade into history.

In the meantime however, there is still work to be done. Some common themes have emerged, which often interweave together in a past life memory. They are:

~~Running away from oppression~~
~~Problems about speaking out~~
~~Gynaecological problems~~
~~Fears about reclaiming old powers~~

Hilary had insomnia for years. Nothing she tried made any difference. She was also kept awake by ‘restless legs’ – a creeping feeling in the legs that’s only relieved by constantly moving them.

Her regression took her back to the middle ages. She was running away from an arranged marriage with a man she heartily disliked. For the rest of that life she had to keep moving on, forever looking over her shoulder.

Unconscious memories often lodge in the body. While she remained unaware of it, Hilary’s legs expressed her desperation to keep running. Once she understood those fears, they lost their power over her. From that day on, her insomnia and restless legs disappeared. She said it made the most wonderful difference to her life.

(NB: Like all the names of my clients in this article, ‘Hilary’ is a pseudonym.)

maiden in forestWomen have fled from more than just oppressive marriages. Penny recalled a life many hundreds of years ago, when she escaped from a sheltered spiritual community. It was Christian in a mystical way, run by a charismatic male guru figure. After a while, she realised how much he was draining personal power from her and the other women there.

One day she made a big decision. She changed her distinctive robes for ordinary clothes and quietly slipped away. She sensed that the man in charge knew what she was doing – he had that much psychic power.

Eventually she found a place of refuge. But she never felt completely safe. She was always aware of male energy from the first centre circling around her, watching for a chance to get her back.

After the regression, Penny said she now understood why she’d spent this life always moving on. A pattern of constantly moving from one place to another is often a sign of past life fear of pursuit. It takes courage to stop, turn and face the fear that seems to stalk us. But when we do, that fear withers away.

Many women today struggle with a throat chakra that has shut down because of all the lives when they had to keep quiet. Maddie recalled a life in Victorian England. She was 18 years old, and married to a man she feared. She said she was ‘just someone who has to keep quiet all the time’.

It all came to a head when one day he put her into a carriage to send her somewhere she did not want to go. It was too difficult for her to recall what that place would have been. With her back to the wall, she finally spoke up. She ordered the carriage to head as fast as possible to her parents’ home. They received her warmly, and she felt safe again.

After a while she found another, more loving man. But in the end, her husband tracked her down – and strangled her. After the regression, Maddie said she could see where her strange fear of speaking out had come from.

This theme of women experiencing a stranglehold on their voices – sometimes literally – runs through many of the past life experiences that are now coming up for healing. While everyone’s experiences are unique, the effect is much the same for all – feeling unconfident, even fearful, about speaking out in any way. Often this issue comes up because that is the very thing they need to do to move ahead on their path.

For example, Jayne had a lifelong terror of talking in public. She had a talent for teaching, and longed to make that her career. But this fear made it difficult for her even to consider it.

In her regression, she went back to a time when she was about twelve years old. She was facing a jeering, hostile crowd that was accusing her of witchcraft. She had no idea what they were on about. When she tried to explain her innocence, that only made it worse.

This experience created a fear of crowds – especially if she had to talk to them. Once she realised where that had come from, she was able to shake it off. I believe she’s now happily following her calling to be a teacher.

The different parts of our bodies symbolise aspects of our psyche. Past life wounds to the feminine side of our nature are therefore often held in the female parts. This can manifest in a wide variety of problems, from difficult periods to breast cancer.

For example, Jenny told me that her doctor was advising her to have ‘pre-cancerous’ cells surgically cut from her uterus. She felt sure this would repeat a past life cutting in that area – and therefore not be for her highest good. We discussed the whole issue, including the possibility that if she intends it, the operation might heal what happened in the past. When she left, she was still thinking about what decision to make.

An even more graphic example came from Terri, who came to see me quite recently. She explained that she had a semi-cancerous condition in her vagina – part of which had been surgically removed. Although this malaise was dormant most of the time, the doctors told her it would always be there in the background and could flare up at any time.

water-jar-in-sand-stormTerri came for past life therapy as part of her wide search to cure this. In her regression, she went back to a barren, desolate place of mud huts. In that life, she was an African girl of about eight years old. She could hear other girls screaming, and felt afraid.

Then a scrawny old woman came after her. She bundled the child under her arm and took her, kicking and screaming, to the place of fear.

In that hut, Terri said she saw blood on the floor. One dirty cloth was used for everything. Then she remembered great pain, and her body going into deep shock.

She had undergone female genital mutilation – and died of the side effects not long afterwards. Because she never recovered from the trauma in that life, the effect on her psyche was magnified. The memory was still so strong that her body was finding ways to replicate it with the cancerous condition.

In the second part of the regression, when she communicated with a spirit guide, Terri learned that this experience had been part of her soul contract. At first, this appalled her. How could she have agreed to go through something like that? Her guide showed her how it would now bring her great inner strength and a flowering of consciousness that would otherwise have taken many more lifetimes. By the end of the session, she was feeling happy and positive about both the past and the future.

At a very deep level within the mass psyche, the cutting away of female parts is a symbolic expression of humankind’s fear of its female side. This could partly come from racial memories of much earlier times when matriarchal societies could also be brutal and unjust. Hopefully the inner work that so many are now doing will eventually help to heal these underlying issues.

I think all women have the innate gift of some form of intuitive, psychic or healing power. In the recent patriarchal age, those abilities were so persecuted they had to go underground. Most women decided it was safer to forget about all that and taught their daughters to do the same. It looks like the wheel is now turning, as many women are now starting to reclaim their natural abilities. This doesn’t happen easily however, as old fears still get in the way.

History tells us about the burning of the witches. However, this was only one way in which female powers were victimised. So-called friends and neighbours could be just as oppressive.

auld witchGerrie recalled that in a former life as an old widow, the only way to support herself was to make herbal remedies. She’d developed them to keep her children well while they were growing up. So her potions worked, and many people came to her for them.

Despite that, others in her village hated what she was doing. They made that clear by treating her like an outcast. When she went out, they’d spit and throw things at her.

Another of my clients in a similar situation said that when she tried to sell her remedies at a fair, other women came and trampled all her precious oils into the ground.

These experiences can be deeply disheartening, creating fears that stay with us for lifetimes. Now, when those women try to do the work they love and believe in, an old fear blocks their way like a fierce guard. Understanding the fear is like finding the magic password, which gets the guard to step aside.

However dark the world may be at times, there are always little patches where women have been able to walk a sunlit path, left alone by oppressive forces. Many recall past lives when they could safely use their higher abilities to help others, such as:

• The priestesses of Ancient Egypt. That civilisation lasted so long – at least 3,000 years – that it’s not Egypt Priestesssurprising many of us had past lives there. In those days, women enjoyed more equal rights than they ever saw again until recent times. People who remember their Egyptian priestess lives all say they had a spiritual authority that was respected by all.

• As healers in small communities which accepted and supported them. This kind of life flowered most often in the tribal societies of North and South America. However, it could also take place in many other times and places – even tucked away in quiet corners of the medieval world.

• As visionaries and seers. These lives were mostly in the ancient world before the rise of Roman power. In those days, it was still acceptable for the Mystery Schools to initiate women for training in the use of their psychic abilities.

• In Atlantean times. The great civilisations that came before our recorded history were more advanced than anything we have seen since. This included the status of women and the kind of abilities they had. Those worlds had a highly developed knowledge of things we are only just beginning to rediscover – such as the many uses of crystals, levitation, sonics and conscious astral travel.

No past life ability is ever lost. It’s easy to re-learn old skills, because we never really forget them. These memories also remind us of the safe and happy lives when women used powers long since forbidden to them. Recalling these times shows us how that way of life was once possible – and therefore could be again.

Another hidden but positive influence are the powerful soul groups that have been incarnating here for the last hundred years.

Around the beginning of the 20th century, a warlock called George Pickingill received an important message from the inner planes. He learned that in the years to come, a large group of priestesses from Ancient Greece would incarnate in England.

Their purpose was to promote female empowerment, starting with the esoteric societies. Pickingill’s job was to change the balance of that male-dominated world. He set to work re-drafting many of the old magical rituals and practices to bring in more sexual equality.

In his time, he was greatly influential in occult circles – so the changes he set in motion went ahead. This created a strong foundation for the future of women’s empowerment in the world of mysticism and magic.

In 1951, the British Government finally repealed the Witchcraft Act. After centuries, it was no longer illegal to be a witch. A few years later, Gerald Gardner published his best-selling book Witchcraft Today. This persuaded the public that witchcraft was a force for good – a positive way of working with the natural powers of earth and the seasons. Because of these gradual developments, it is now much safer for women to reclaim their higher powers.

balanceOther soul groups have also incarnated with this kind of clear purpose. In the 1920s, the seer Edgar Cayce said that in the second half of the twentieth century, many Atlanteans would reincarnate in America. They would come with the purpose of bringing ancient higher technology back to the world; and to fight for sexual and racial equality. Looking back on the civil rights and hippie movements, it looks like Cayce’s prophecy came true.

Groups no doubt still continue to incarnate together. They bring the power of their intent with the strength that comes from a united group. Even if they are scattered through the world, they meet on the other planes through meditation or dreams.

In the past, local groups sometimes formed because of these inner connections. They usually had to be secret – or at least highly exclusive – because the majority of people around them would not understand.

Fortunately, the worst of those times are now past. Perhaps thanks to that Atlantean technology we now have many new ways to connect with our soul groups. The internet makes it easy to find others of our tribe. Conferences, workshops and talks are another modern way to meet with like-minded people.

I feel confident that both individuals and groups are making huge progress healing old wounds to the yin side of human consciousness. Ultimately, this will restore the divine feminine archetype – the goddess – to full health and power again. When that happens, the world will be a softer, saner and happier place for everyone – whatever their gender may be.

I’d love to hear about your own experiences on this path. You’re welcome to either add your comments to this article, or if you’d prefer to talk more privately, just contact me – I’m always happy to hear from you.

This article was first published in THE GODDESS PAGES


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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a little boy was born. At his birth, he received the great gift of determination to go far on the spiritual path. He also received a terrible curse. This curse was just as powerful as his gift. He was born to parents who simply did not like him.x child and mask

They never told him that, of course. But children know. So he was always trying to please them by being very cute – or very good – or very clever. However, none of that worked. So as he grew up, he felt as if there must be something terribly wrong with him. He did everything he could to figure out what it could be, and try to fix it.

He read all the wisdom books he could find. He went to many spiritual teachers and listened intently to their lessons and advice. But despite all that, he still had a feeling that something about him was amiss.

Then one day he found a teacher who told him he was fine just as he was. His only problem was the story that he thought was the true story of his life. He needed to find another story about himself. That was the only way he would ever get out of the pit of self-doubt.

But how could he do that? He went away thinking his life was not a story – it was true. By then of course he understood the psychological effects his parents had had on him. But whatever he did, he still could not get over those effects. That was his story. It was who he was. How could he change that?

A little while later, at one of the many workshops he attended, during the lunch break he told a sympathetic listener about this conundrum. She said she knew exactly what he meant – because she used to be just like him.x sad mirror

She once thought it was her duty and her fate to live out her life as an unhappy wife. She had always known she was a bit psychic, but had never done anything about it. Then one day she had to make a huge decision about her marriage, which had finally come to a crossroads.

She went to a clairvoyant reader for advice. The reader said that at a higher level, before taking on this life, she chose to have this miserable marriage. She did that because she knew it was the only thing that would push her into accepting her true destiny. That was to follow the higher path she had taken in past lives when she’d been a high priestess, a seer and a shaman.swan mirror 

Although at first her mind was full of doubts about this, she said that even then, in her deepest heart she knew it was true. Vivid dreams about those lives started coming to her. Signs and synchronicities confirmed the messages of her dreams. Before long she realised that she really did have a new story about herself. She began to see herself in a completely different way. From that time on, she said her life just got better and better.

That gave our hero a lot to think about. With the help of his meditations and inner guidance, he realised that before incarnating, he’d chosen his parents as a way of testing himself. He would either succumb to their negativity, or triumph over it. He saw that this issue in his life was meant to be like the grit in the oyster shell that produces the pearl.M-na0708reinvent

Thinking this over, he realised that he really had found another story about himself. His new story changed his life because it changed how he saw it. At that moment, he was out of the pit of self-doubt. He left his victim identity behind like old clothes, and lived happier ever after.

This is the power of the stories we tell ourselves. They are inevitable. Our brains are hard-wired to understand ourselves, our world and our lives in terms of stories. Saying you don’t have a story about yourself is ignoring one of the most important and potentially transformative elements in your life.

It’s easy to use this to change your life because it comes so naturally. Start by thinking about any area fantasy bookof your life that isn’t working as well as you’d like. Now pretend that you’re explaining to someone why it is the way it is. That will be your story about it. Our stories not only influence our lives – they also help to create them. Once you know that, you have the key to changing your life.

We make up our stories by picking out some things that have happened in our lives, and stringing them together to explain why things are the way they are. This process inevitably leaves out many other things that you could have chosen to interpret your life in a completely different way.

If you want to make a new and more positive story about yourself, start by listing all the good things that ever happened in your life. You’ll be surprised at how much you start to recall once you begin. Out of that, a new and happier tale will emerge. From there, a better future will become possible – all because you found another story about your life.

We can take this even further. We can also start telling new stories about the world we live in. Like the two people in this tale, we can put together a higher and more positive story of the world. One that takes into account the negative elements – but places them in a bigger context, which completely changes their significance. Re-contextualising is a powerful tool. Rather than focusing on the negative details, stand back and look at the bigger picture. When you do, the true purpose and meaning of those details will become clear.

man-astrologyFor me, the bigger picture about our world comes from ancient wisdom about the great cycles of the ages. It means that we stand at the start of a  new eon during which this planet is slowly but surely going to become a happier, kinder and more enlightened place to live. We are right at the beginning of that exciting path. This is why we’re  waking up about so many bad things that weren’t obvious before. The cellar always was a mess – but until recently, it was too dark to see that. Now that there’s more light, we’re shocked at what we’re discovering. This is the first great step to changing those things.

Professor Carl Jung said he never tried to fix anyone’s problems – all he did was place reinventflowerthem within a larger context. Re-contextualising any issue – seeing it as part of a greater framework – changes the nature of the issue. This is why Jung said we don’t solve our problems, we grow out of them.

When we do that, we automatically move into a new, more positive story about ourselves. Doing this can not only change your life – it can also change your world. That is how powerful your stories can be.


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Did you know that your own dreams have the power to heal? And you can tap into that power simply by asking for a dream to help you.

ImageI proved that to myself some years ago. I had an annoying sty on my eye. It was painful, and nothing was shifting it. So as a last resort, I called on my inner spirit to send me a dream to heal it. This is the dream I had that night:

I was walking along a city street. An old friend of mine appeared, and asked why I was wearing dark glasses. I said it was to hide this awful sty – and took them off to show him. He peered at my eyes and said ‘But there’s no sty!’ I looked at my reflection in a plate-glass window – and saw that he was right. The sty had gone!

Next morning it was almost completely dried up. A day later it had disappeared. I just knew that the dream I’d had in response to my plea had somehow cured it.

Dreams can also heal more deep-seated problems than that. Chronic asthma had troubled a friend of mine for most of his life. He’d tried everything to cure it, but to little effect. So he was happy to try asking for a dream that might help.

He dreamed of being back in a medieval castle. As he lay sleeping in bed, someone crept into his room and began to smother him with a pillow. He said he vividly recalled the panic he felt at not being able to breathe.

Then, suddenly, he decided to fight back. He kicked his assailant, making him lose his grip for a few precious moments, and was able to gasp in huge breaths of air. In the dream, the air made him grow bigger and stronger with every breath. His attacker took fright at that and ran away. He said he had a wonderful feeling that he’d now grown beyond being smothered in any way – either physically or emotionally.

In the weeks that followed he said his asthma reduced so much it was hardly noticeable any more. When I next saw him, I asked how that was going. He said jokingly ‘What asthma? Never heard of it!’

Dreams can even heal a broken heart. A woman I know was desperately sad after losing the man she thought was the love of her life. Nothing was helping her to get over it. She agreed to try asking for a dream to help without having much faith that it would work.

ImageA dream soon came to her in which she was standing facing her lost love. They were in a large formal garden, standing near to a maze. He had two gifts that he could give her. One was a Valentine-type box of chocolates, in the shape of a red heart. That was the gift she wanted. The other was just a plain box. That was the one he gave her.

She was so disappointed she wasn’t even going to open it – but he told her she’d be pleased if she did. So with some difficulty, she opened that box. Inside was a beautiful crystal talisman. It was in the shape of a heart. She said she realised right away that it made the Valentine heart look cheap and tacky in comparison.

She held the talisman to her heart and could feel it giving her strength, and connecting her with the wisdom of the higher heart. She knew it was a greater gift than the chocolate box could ever have been. This was the result of a soul contract they’d decided between them in the between-life worlds. Soul mates aren’t always romantic partners – but they will always be faithful to the higher bond between you.

Next day she said that although she still felt sad, at a deep level she understood why things had turned out the way they did. After that, her pain faded more quickly than she expected.

Dreams heal holistically, working at the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels all at the same time. This is why they are so effective. The Ancient Egyptians knew this, and regularly used the power of dreams to cure a wide range of issues.

ImageJust as they did, you can ask for a dream to help you with any problem in your life. This is called ‘incubating a dream’ – but I think ‘asking for a dream’ is a better way to describe it.

The dreams you get in reply don’t have to be lucid. They are just as effective if you recall them like any other dream. When you’ve asked for one, keep a notepad by your bed and write your dreams down while you still remember them.

This is a wonderful resource – and it’s freely available to everyone. Everyone I know who tried this said it not only helped them solve a problem; it also set them off on an exciting new journey of discovery. May it be so for you as well.

I’d be delighted to hear from anyone who’d like to share their healing dream experiences.


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When you’re at home, with soft music playing and perhaps the scent of incense in the air, it’s easy to relax. But what about when you’re waiting to see the dentist? Or in a long slow queue when you need to be elsewhere? Or if you’re about to face a tough interview? Those are the times when we most need to relax. But in the outside world we can’t very well take up the lotus position and start doing yoga breathing. So most of us just grit our teeth and carry on fretting.

ImageOf course, wise people say the journey is the destination, and the interruption is the journey. But in some situations, those thoughts aren’t very consoling. So here are some quick and easy techniques that you can use to help you feel calmer and more relaxed when you need it most.

They are all things that you can safely do in the outside world and no-one around you will have any idea what you’re doing. But they may also start to feel better because of the good vibes that you’ll be generating around you.

1. Relax all the muscles in your hands, face and shoulders. It’s amazing how much tension we hold in those places, and how much it helps to let it go.

2. Find something pleasant to look at, and then focus on it. This could be a tree, a pot plant, the sky, a picture – even your own shoes if you like them!

3. Focus on feeling the floor or the ground under your feet.

4. Focus on everywhere your body is touching whatever you’re sitting or lying on.

5. Breathe in a slow, regular rhythm down to the bottom of your stomach. Let your abdomen gently rise and fall with each breath.

6. Listen to the sound of your breath.

7. Focus on simply listening to all the sounds around you.

If, after all that, you still can’t stop your mind worrying, get it to focus instead on:

A: Make a mental list of all the best things that have taken place recently. Include the smallest things because they’re also important – an enjoyable meal, for example.

B: Count your blessings – everything in your life that you’re glad of, from the biggest to the tiniest.

These are quick but powerful relaxation techniques that you can use anytime and anywhere. They’ll help you to relax in all kinds of stressful situations. And when you want to meditate or sleep, they can help you with that as well.

They’re simple, easy and don’t cost a bean. And they’ll make a big difference to your life!


More uplifting visualizations and ways to find out about your past lives are in my PAST LIFE BOOKS, published by Hay House, and available at these links: Amazon UK / Amazon USA 

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There is a secret power in this world. It controls everything we do without our knowledge. It can affect our bodies, change our future, and even modify our DNA. No, I’m not talking about Bilderburgers, banks, Reptilians or three letter agencies.

ImageThat secret power is within us. It’s the power of the human mind. From deep levels of the psyche, our strongest beliefs shape our lives. If they are positive they will give us good experiences.

 But in the course of our earthly incarnations, we also pick up negative beliefs. These stay in the unconscious, and continue to make problems for us from there. For example, someone who wants to escape poverty, but has a deeper, older belief that money is bad, will feel constantly blocked by an invisible wall.  


The good news is, once we find out what beliefs are holding us back, we can change them.  

A quick way to discover what you really believe about yourself is to look at your life as if it was somebody else’s. Then ask ‘what basic beliefs does this life reflect?’

 Once you’ve spotted them, it’s easy to re-think limiting beliefs. You can make a list of all the reasons against it, and what you now think instead.

 Then make a simple affirmation that sums up the positive belief. Write it down in big bright letters and stick it up where you’ll see it often. Repeat it to yourself as often as possible – for example ‘I live in a safe, benign and abundant universe.’


Limiting beliefs often come from our past life selves. Religious past lives may continue deep within us in the form of an inner monk or nun, for example. Their strong convictions can continue to affect us. Until we re-think the whole issue, ancient vows of poverty and chastity may be stopping us from enjoying a life of abundance and love.

 Having a good chat with these aspects of your greater self can make a big difference to your life now. Imagine them sitting in a chair in front of you. In a friendly, gentle way, explain why you want to discuss a few things with them. Put your case, and also hear them out.

 It may take one or two sessions to convince them. But it’s worth doing, because once they’re on your side, their commitment will help you as powerfully as it once hindered you. 

Image 3.     USE IMAGES

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s because the unconscious responds very strongly to images. You can use that power to change your life in four key ways:

  •       Create a positive image to go with an affirmation. It will work five times more powerfully if you hold that image in your mind while repeating the affirmation.
  •      Draw a simple picture of what you want. Keep the picture straightforward and child-like. Use bright primary colours. Then put it where you’ll see it often.
  •     Use your imagination to create a detailed picture of the lifestyle or outcome that you want. Now see yourself in that picture, moving around and doing all the things you’d like to do in that place. Adding movement to an image activates it even more strongly.
  •      Use symbolic images to deal with anything that’s troubling you. Ask your deeper self to show you a symbolic picture of a problem. Then you can work with that symbol. For example, if it’s an overflowing rubbish bin, see yourself emptying it, and hosing it down with a powerful jet of water until it’s clean and shiny. This exercise has the added bonus of bringing relief from worry, because you’ve switched to another way of seeing the issue.


A strong ingredient in your magic spell is to add feelings to the mix. Emotions are one of the most direct ways to get through to deeper levels of the psyche.

 As you focus on your images and repeat your affirmations, feel the joy of what you’re manifesting. Feelings work like a magnet, drawing things of similar vibration into our lives.

 5.     THE FINAL STEPImage

As a final touch, get something physical to represent your wish or affirmation. It can be very simple. For example, a woman in the Philippines who was homeless after an earthquake, supplemented her affirmations and visualisations with a little square of wood.

 She held it in both hands every day, saying ‘this is the start of my nice new home’. It worked so well, that before too long she had more than one house, and was able to live off the rentals.

 Happy manifesting!


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