Everyone goes through spells of feeling down, blocked or depressed.  For those times when only a quick and effective answer will do, here are five good ways to turn your life around.

The first two are the most powerful. Just doing those will work, even if you don’t bother with the other three. However, if you do add in the other ways, your turn-around will move ahead quicker, easier – and best of all, more enjoyably. 

  1. DECIDE THAT YOU WANT YOUR LIFE TO BE BETTER. Clear and heartfelt decisions that we make about our lives and ourselves are amazingly powerful. You can build on that by also putting it out to the universe. Say, ‘Spirit please show me the way to a better life’. If you send that out with feeling, just once is enough. However, it’s also fine to repeat it whenever you wish. After that, follow your feelings. If, for some unknown reason, you want to read a certain magazine / use a new café / phone or e-mail someone – whatever it may be – any of these things may give you a signpost to your next step, or a little gold nugget of information. Over time, these little things add up to a lot.
  1. TAKE ACTION. Once you’ve decided how you want your life to unfold, every day do one action towards it. These actions can begin in small, token or symbolic ways. They work because when you move your dream into the physical arena of action it sends a strong signal to the universe. You may be surprised one day when some little token thing you do leads to something unexpectedly positive.
  1. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS – from the biggest to the tiniest. Start making a list of them. You’ll be surprised how the list grows once you start it.
  1. NOTICE THE NICE LITTLE THINGS. Eckhart Tolle says that a happy life is just a birdsignstring of happy moments. You can build up those moments by noticing little things that you like in your day-to-day life. A pretty flower, a funny joke, the call of a bird – there is always something to appreciate.
  1. SPEND A FEW MOMENTS VISUALISING yourself moving from a path you don’t like, onto a much better path. The best times to do this are first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

These five steps will turn your attention from what’s wrong in your life, placing your focus on positive solutions instead. Doing that will transform your vibration and whole attitude to life. In turn, that will automatically change what you attract to yourself. I know from personal experience that these methods really do work.

Allow it time to develop – a major turn-around can’t happen instantly. However, even at the earliest stages, you’ll start to feel the difference. You can trust this process. It’s real, it’s good – and most of all, it’s on your side.


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There is a secret power in this world. It controls everything we do without our knowledge. It can affect our bodies, change our future, and even modify our DNA. No, I’m not talking about Bilderburgers, banks, Reptilians or three letter agencies.

ImageThat secret power is within us. It’s the power of the human mind. From deep levels of the psyche, our strongest beliefs shape our lives. If they are positive they will give us good experiences.

 But in the course of our earthly incarnations, we also pick up negative beliefs. These stay in the unconscious, and continue to make problems for us from there. For example, someone who wants to escape poverty, but has a deeper, older belief that money is bad, will feel constantly blocked by an invisible wall.  


The good news is, once we find out what beliefs are holding us back, we can change them.  

A quick way to discover what you really believe about yourself is to look at your life as if it was somebody else’s. Then ask ‘what basic beliefs does this life reflect?’

 Once you’ve spotted them, it’s easy to re-think limiting beliefs. You can make a list of all the reasons against it, and what you now think instead.

 Then make a simple affirmation that sums up the positive belief. Write it down in big bright letters and stick it up where you’ll see it often. Repeat it to yourself as often as possible – for example ‘I live in a safe, benign and abundant universe.’


Limiting beliefs often come from our past life selves. Religious past lives may continue deep within us in the form of an inner monk or nun, for example. Their strong convictions can continue to affect us. Until we re-think the whole issue, ancient vows of poverty and chastity may be stopping us from enjoying a life of abundance and love.

 Having a good chat with these aspects of your greater self can make a big difference to your life now. Imagine them sitting in a chair in front of you. In a friendly, gentle way, explain why you want to discuss a few things with them. Put your case, and also hear them out.

 It may take one or two sessions to convince them. But it’s worth doing, because once they’re on your side, their commitment will help you as powerfully as it once hindered you. 

Image 3.     USE IMAGES

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s because the unconscious responds very strongly to images. You can use that power to change your life in four key ways:

  •       Create a positive image to go with an affirmation. It will work five times more powerfully if you hold that image in your mind while repeating the affirmation.
  •      Draw a simple picture of what you want. Keep the picture straightforward and child-like. Use bright primary colours. Then put it where you’ll see it often.
  •     Use your imagination to create a detailed picture of the lifestyle or outcome that you want. Now see yourself in that picture, moving around and doing all the things you’d like to do in that place. Adding movement to an image activates it even more strongly.
  •      Use symbolic images to deal with anything that’s troubling you. Ask your deeper self to show you a symbolic picture of a problem. Then you can work with that symbol. For example, if it’s an overflowing rubbish bin, see yourself emptying it, and hosing it down with a powerful jet of water until it’s clean and shiny. This exercise has the added bonus of bringing relief from worry, because you’ve switched to another way of seeing the issue.


A strong ingredient in your magic spell is to add feelings to the mix. Emotions are one of the most direct ways to get through to deeper levels of the psyche.

 As you focus on your images and repeat your affirmations, feel the joy of what you’re manifesting. Feelings work like a magnet, drawing things of similar vibration into our lives.

 5.     THE FINAL STEPImage

As a final touch, get something physical to represent your wish or affirmation. It can be very simple. For example, a woman in the Philippines who was homeless after an earthquake, supplemented her affirmations and visualisations with a little square of wood.

 She held it in both hands every day, saying ‘this is the start of my nice new home’. It worked so well, that before too long she had more than one house, and was able to live off the rentals.

 Happy manifesting!


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