This article was first published in my ‘Tales From the Other Side’ column in Glastonbury’s Oracle magazine.


depiction-of-the-Green-Children-of-WoolpitIn the Suffolk village of Woolpit in the 1300s, farm workers found two weird children in a deep hole the villagers had dug to trap wolves – hence the village name ‘Woolpit’. A boy and a girl, their skin was green, and they spoke an unknown language.

Sir Richard De Calne took them in. They refused all food till they discovered green broad beans, which was all they’d eat for a while. The boy soon became depressed, sickened and died. The girl survived once she started eating other foods. Over time, she learned enough English to talk a bit about her home world.

She said her people all had a green skin like her own. They lived in a place of permanent twilight, with no sun. One day she and the boy heard lovely bells coming from a cavern. They explored it for a long way, and emerged into our world.

The heat and brightness of our sun immediately overwhelmed them, and they collapsed. Later, the noise of the harvesters frightened them. In a panic, they tried to go back where they’d come from, but got lost and fell into the wolf pit.       

As the girl grew up, the villagers noticed that she was rather ‘loose and wanton’. However, she adjusted to her new world enough to marry a man from King’s Lynn.

Two green children also appeared in a cave in Banjos, Spain in August 1887. They too said they came from a place of twilight, and refused all food at first. The boy died quite soon and the girl survived for only five years.  

Theories about the Woolpit children say they might have been confused Flemish immigrants, a folk tale, ETs, or normal children with arsenic poisoning. The most common idea is that they came from an underground world.


Tales have long been told of huge systems of underground tunnels lacing their way through the planet. Legends about secret underworlds come from Crete, Egypt, Tibet, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Himalayas, the Gobi Desert and Turkey.

Apache folklore says their tribe came from Canada, and before that, the inner earth. Sacred sites in the Andes are rumoured to be access points to vast underground cities.

Teotihuacan_Pyramid_of_the_Moon-580x210In 2003, Mexican archaeologist Segio Gomez discovered a hidden tunnel under the Pyramid of the Plumed Serpent in Teotihuacan. Years earlier, the Jesuit chronicler Agnelio Oliva said an old Incan told him the real Tiahuanaco was a subterranean city, much vaster than the one above ground.

Legends of the Macuzi Indians from the Amazonian jungle maintain that they are peru_inca3the guardians of the inner earth. They know its secret entrances, and guard them from strangers. Now and then, intrepid British explorers sometimes set off to find out more about that – and are never seen again.


Scientist Edmund Halley (1656 – 1742) said the earth’s magnetic field has anomalies that could only be caused by a hollow sphere within the earth.

In 2011, a German archaeologist, Dr.Heinrich Kusch, published a book about his discovery of a massive network of Neolithic tunnels running between Turkey and Scotland. Ancient writings say these tunnels were the gateway to the underworld. Early Christian chapels blocked many of those entrances.

Cappadocia - Kaymakli Underground CityBoth here and in Europe, archaeologists have found cave paintings of animals in caves so deep that primitive people could never have got there. The experts have yet to find any signs of ancient settlements near those paintings.     

Like many strange things we hear, tales about green children and the inner earth can sound absurd until we look at the evidence. While the jury is still out about these things, in the meantime a bit of digging can unearth all kinds of unexpected findings.    

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