Our dreams are aldreaming4ways giving us key messages about our lives and showing what lies ahead for us. After recording and studying my dreams for the last 30 years, I’ve found they really do tell us the truth.

The trouble is, dreams use a foreign language that we have to learn in order to understand them. That is the language of symbolism. It can sometimes be so complex that even if you’re fluent in dreamspeak, some dreams will always be baffling.

On top of that, most people just don’t have the time to interpret their dreams. The demands of the day call them on. Dreams that could have been hugely helpful to understand soon fade back into the unconscious.

However, one kind of dream is instantly understandable: dreams about trains and stations. Those dreams give clear messages, with symbolism that is easy to interpret.padd tickt Stations represent beginnings, endings, times of choice and of waiting.

Trains stand for the journeys we make. This can be the journey of our lifetime, or smaller journeys through particular experiences. Because of this, a train dream is a good way to see how anything that you’re concerned about will turn out.


For example, a friend was worried about redundancies looming at her workplace. She feared that she’d be among them. So she asked for a dream to show her what was going to happen. In the dream, she was in a train carriage that was crowded with her work colleagues. She and a few others were being pushed more and more to the side.

Then the train stopped at a station. She and the others who’d been pushed aside all got off. The meaning of the dream was clear – she would be among the redundancies that were coming up. This made it easier for her come to terms with that some weeks before the news finally broke.

While waiting for the axe to fall, she set her worries to rest by starting to look for another job. Because of the dream, by the time she left her old job she’d successfully re-organised her life. She went smoothly from there to another job that turned out to be preferable in many new ways.


A few years ago, I was wondering whether to approach a publisher with my book proposal for ‘Magic Past Lives’. I made a list of possible publishers, with Hay House at the top of the list. At that stage, I had no idea if this was even worth doing. So I asked for a dream to show me how it would turn out.

This was the dream: I was on a station. I had to find out the details of which train I was about to catch. I went to the office to ask about it.

They told me my train would arrive at Platform 1. DreamTrain There were two platforms at that station. I walked past Platform 2, and went to Platform 1.

I could see a train a little way off, already coming in to that platform. This would be my train. From the times the office had given me, I knew it would leave soon after arriving. So I got on as soon as it came in.

That dream turned out to be truly prophetic. Hay House was Platform 1 – my first choice. The two platforms at that station meant there was another publisher I could have approached. Although I have some guesses, I’ll now never know which publisher Platform 2 represented in the dream.

On the strength of this message, I wrote to Hay House first. Six months later, they accepted my book proposal. The symbolism of the train coming in and boarding it right away had all come true.


Recently I had another prophetic dream using train symbology. I’d had an invitation to give a past life workshop as part of a spiritual retreat in another country. It looked like a great idea. But as time went by, I began to feel strangely uneasy about it. So I asked for a dream to show me the real situation.

In the dream, I was on a train that was waiting at a station. There were others in the carriage. Everything seemed fine. Then a station official came to tell us that something had gone wrong. He said people were leaving the train and going on by taxi. So we all got off the train.

We saw two lifts on the other side of a large hallway. They were full of people – and the lift doors were closing. Those people would be able to move on by bus. But we’d missed that chance as well. The only way left to us was a long and tiresome walk up the stairs.

The train was clearly the planned retreat. Something had gone wrong. It was important to get off it as soon as possible.

The symbology of leaving by taxi, then bus, then a tough walk meant that the situation would be increasingly difficult to leave the longer I left it. It was also clear that other people were involved, and it would affect them too.orient express clock

As the retreat was still some time ahead, I e-mailed the event organiser that day with many apologies about dropping out. She wrote back right away, saying my news was a great relief to her. It was a sign that she could now go ahead and call off the retreat, which she’d been itching to do.

The extra good news was that my e-mail came just in time for her to cancel the various arrangements before getting more financially entangled. I never mentioned the dream to her, so it didn’t influence her decision.

This experience proved yet again not only how spot-on our dreams can be – but how they also take others into account. As a result, a potentially difficult situation turned out smoothly for everyone concerned.


Are you wondering about a decision you need to make? If you should continue something or let it go? Or how something in your life is going to turn out? If so, a train dream is one of the best ways to get a clear answer.

Follow these simple steps:

platform hgwrts 1. Decide what you want to know more about.

2. Ask your inner self for a dream that will show you what you need to know.

3. Ask for this answer to come preferably in the form of a train dream.

4. Keep a notepad by your bed, and write down whatever dreams you get – even if they seem to make no sense at the time. The meaning often becomes clear when you look at the symbolism later on.

5. The advantage of a train dream is that the symbolism is already very clear.


1. If you’re getting on a train, it means you’re going ahead with something. If you’re getting off, it means leaving a situation.

2. If you’re on a train that isn’t stopping, there will be no change.

3. If you’re waiting at a station, it means you’re waiting for something that’s on the way.

4. Notice the background details of the dream. Light, sunshine, clear colours, smart surroundings, open areas to move into, or a happy feeling all mean that the outlook is favourable.

5. If the place feels dark, murky, too crowded or unkempt in any way, this is a sign that something is wrong. For example, you might get off a dirty train, and then find yourself waiting on a bright, clean station. This would mean that you’re leaving a bad situation, and will then have to wait for something else – but this is a good development. 

I’d love to hear about your train dreams – or any other significant dream you’ve had. You’re welcome to share your dreams in the comments to this article, or e-mail me if you’d rather keep it private. Happy dreaming!


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